1950s Era
The Best Time of Your Life!

The 1950s era is a time when
glamour and cool come together!

1950's Era

The 1950s era was an amazing time!

As you probably know, its all about being 'old school' these days. I mean, think about it...so many of the things we do and wear now have come from back around from the 1950's ...here's an example of just a few funky items that have survived decades and decades... 

Here are a couple of ideas to get you going. The fifty's was all about the glitz and glamor of the likes of Marilyn Monroe and the groovy Elvis.

While the teens were busy idolizing the rock-n-rollers, the younger generation were entertaining themselves with some of the coolest toys around.

Who doesn't love a Frisbee? Hands down the best outdoor toy, and so practical too! Get yours now and get practicing so you can show off by the time BBQ season comes around.

The 50s was the decade of the Barbie doll. The Barbie has got to have been at the top of every girls Christmas wish list at some point, even today we are still obsessed with Barbie! With so many choices, there's a Barbie out there for everyone. And don't forget about Ken.

Another great toy is Play-doh and kids think it's totally awesome! All kids adore it and it's the perfect tool to get kids creative juices flowing and see what crazy things they come up with.

There are so many different play-doh products to pick from so get stuck in. And don't forget, its non toxic :)

The time was also a huge decade for music, and primarily the time that brought us rock n' roll. However it wasn't just about the rock n' roll. Other inspirational musicians include Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, and tons more!

You can never go wrong when it's about all that great music!

To find out if this is really your kinda thing, you have to know that fashion at the time oozed glamour and sophistication and A-list celebrities are bringing that look right back.

It's gone from celebrities to main street and the look is easily accessible now. It was all about looking good and that didn't just apply to us ladies. So guys, you'd better start paying attention! 

We all love the fifties and nothing was more important than the hairstyles, 1950s fashion and the cars...except of course, the rock-n-roll music!

Here is some fun 1950's stuff!

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