1950s Fashion

1950s Fashion was evidence of the pivotal decade of the 20th century.

1950s Fashion

The 50s was a time for change.

And as far as fashion was concerned, in the 1950s fashion era, women wore a tailored look that became popular for older women and you didn't dare step out without accessories such as gloves and pearls. They were all part of every outfit.

Although women of the fifties went for the conservative smart look wearing narrow skirts called pencil skirts, the fashion the teens wore went in another direction.

They wore wide, "swing" skirts, which had many forms like the poodle skirt. Light weight sweaters, cute blouses and saddle shoes with a well groomed bouffant hairstyle was the "look".

Men's fashion was all about short haircuts, narrow suits, and plaid or khaki pants came to be the norm.

pop culture was more focused on teenagers and their interests, including rock n roll. Youth fashions influenced the fashion industry and rock n roll seemed to take the world by storm!

Alluring 1950s Inspired
Wedding Gowns

Strapless reigns supreme in these gowns. The fashions in the fifties were especially known for their sweetheart strapless necklines, which are wonderfully romantic and feminine.

They can be much easier to wear than the standard straight across strapless neckline, which can give some women a boxy look (especially those with broad shoulders). Do not fear that the sweetheart neckline will be too revealing for a busty figure; they can be very subtly shaped to conceal, rather than reveal, the bridal cleavage.

The embellishments on the 1950s style wedding dresses trend towards demure. Imagine beautiful French lace appliques on a tulle skirt, a pert little satin bow at the waist, or perhaps a bodice with a wrapped organza detail.

These gowns do not tend to sparkle or shine with rhinestones; they are best accented with delicate pearl bridal jewelry. Choose an updated combination of pearl and crystal bridal jewelry, or go for the all out vintage effect with a traditional strand of pearls.

Either way, the results will be gorgeous. Finish off your demure 50s inspired look with a waist length veil, and perhaps a little sheer organza cover-up for the ceremony.

The look of the 1950s style bridal gowns is so classic and lovely that you will look back on your wedding photos in 20 years and love your dress just as much as you did on first sight. Tulle, lace, organza, pearls, and bows are things that never go out of styles for brides. The fun and festive 1950s wedding dresses will make every bride who wears one feel absolutely lovely on her wedding day.

The 1950s era was the most amazing time. Think about it, the 1950s car was the coolest, the 1950s music was rock n roll, and television in the 1950s was pure.

by Bridget Mora

Bridget Mora writes for Silverland Jewelry about weddings, jewelry, and fashion. For a look that is always in style, choose timeless pearl bridal jewelry.

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