Costume Party Ideas

If you are looking for some costume party ideas for your Halloween party, we have some great ones here. But before you choose, you may want to think about the kind of party you want to have.

Are you looking for some type of party theme ideas like characters from your favorite scary movies, St patricks day, or just staying focused on Halloween activities like a Halloween scavenger hunt?

The thing is that parties are a great opportunity to show your creative side and Halloween parties offer it in every aspect of the party planning. Think about it, from the Halloween party decorating ideas to Halloween party food ideas and everything in between, you can make it your masterpiece!

To give you a few ideas, take a look at:

These are just a few ideas you can use for your party. But what if you need costume party ideas that are not for Halloween? We have you covered there too!

Teen party themes are very hot and with so many to choose from, you will always find something that suits you. One of our favorites is the 1950’s rock n roll party and it’s just because the 1950 s music is so much fun to listen to! Of course, the 1950s fashion is so cool, who could resist?

Now let’s take a look at the top ten costume party ideas for every type of party!

Fun Costume Party Ideas

1. Music/Band Theme - If you love music, and who doesn’t? A music theme may be for you. Think about all the creative things you can do. If you want to get really creative look at bands from the sixties like the Beatles, or head to the seventies and take a look at some great

Now that would be one crazy costume! But if you’re looking for something with a little less makeup, the 1980’s offers some great ideas as well. Big hair and crazy clothes will make it fairly easy for everyone to find something. Party like a rock star and make it a Karaoke party!

2. Celebrity Theme – If you have wanted to behave badly even just for one night, becoming a celebrity is your chance! Think about Lindsay Lohan, The crew from Jersey Shore, and Charlie Sheen just to name a few. But this theme doesn’t have to stoop to a new low. There are plenty of celebrities doing it right too. Choose your favorite and party on!

3. Decade party – This is a favorite. All you do is choose your favorite decade. The great thing is that you can start with the music, the fashion, the hairstyles or anything else. Take a look at the fun ideas for a 1970s party and a 1950s party.

4. Super Hero Party – If you love any super hero, this is your chance to be one! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-man are always popular choices, but you can also be Thor, Iron Man or a Power Ranger.

5. Pirate Party – Think Pirates of the Caribbean! Just think you could be Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan, or Jack Sparrow! This is such a fun theme for teens and for those who enjoy dressing up, you can’t beat the costumes.

6. Famous Hollywood Couples Party – Think about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady. These aren’t the only couples to choose from, so pick your favorites and have fun!

7. Glow Dance Party – If you have ever been to one of these, you’ll know why we love it so much. Loud music, glow in the dark everything, and lots of dancing. You can’t go wrong with this theme!

8. Austin Powers Party – This one is groovy baby! Everyone chooses a character from the movie and dresses and talks like them. It is all pretty funny.

9. Murder Mystery Party – This is one of my favorites costume party ideas. The host or hostess of the party will choose a great mystery theme and will let the guests know what character they are and they dress and act as the character and then there is also the fun of solving the mystery!

Here are a Few a favorites!

Downloadable Golf Murder Mystery Party Kit

Downloadable Cruise Murder Mystery Party Kit

Downloadable Las Vegas Murder Mystery Party Kit

Downloadable Al Capone Murder Mystery Party Kit

10. Hawaiian Luau Party – This is a great summer time theme party. Dress in Hawaiian clothes, have some great Hawaiian foods, music and games and make it fun.

These are the top ten costume party ideas! All you have to do now is pick the party theme ideas you like best, and start planning your next party.

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