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Rockin-Teen-Parties, Issue #016--easy party ideas
June 02, 2013

Easy Party Ideas For Summer

Summertime is all about keeping it simple and that includes easy party ideas for teens.

So what is the key to keeping parties simple? It's all about getting and staying organized. So if you are planning a summer party, here are a few tips to make it easy.

  • Don't worry about decorations. Look, if you really like to decorate, then do it but just don't feel like you have to decorate to make your party a success.

  • Keep the guest list small. Having a few great friends is so much better than having a lot of people that you'll never get a chance to talk with.

  • Plan some games that you think will be fun and not take to long to learn. Remember, it's all in the simplicity.

  • The food...parties are all about friends and food. Again, have things that you can prepare in advance or are easy.

The summer bbq is always a hit - burgers & Dogs with fries are good and easy. Maybe try the mini burgers for a change.

Summer salads - having a variety of salads is a great idea. Green salads, potato salad & macaroni salads all go great with burgers!

Pizza - enough said.

Subs & Salads - Either a sandwich bar or ordering a 6 ft. sub where your guests serve themselves keeps it simple and so good.

Appetizers & Desserts - Having a variety of appetizers and desserts is pretty simple if you plan it right. Use heating pans or serve cold appetizers.

Great Party Games

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