Father's Day!

How will you celebrate father’s day?

We all know that our dad’s are so special to us, but have you told your dad lately?

Sunday, June 17, 2012 is Father’s Day and if you want to do something special, but you are short of ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Teens have the best ideas about what they think their dad’s would enjoy, so I though I’d pass on some of the ideas that have been sent in to www.rockin-teen-parties.com from teens with some pretty good ideas! Don’t worry, we’re talking low on cost but strong on creativity, a little muscle, a bit of team work, and a lot of thinking about dad!

These are some of the things that teens will be doing for their dad’s this weekend.

  • Doing the yard work.
  • Making dad’s favorite dessert.
  • Having a family party.
  • Sending dad on a golf day.
  • Writing a letter telling him how special he is to me.
  • Planting his favorite flowers in the garden.
  • Mowing the lawn.
  • Get my dad concert tickets to his favorite band.
  • Serve him breakfast in bed.
  • Take him to a baseball game.
  • Take my dad swimming.
  • Sports!
  • Make my dad his favorite dinner.
  • Go Bowling.
  • Make him a special card and chocolate chip cookies.
  • Be his servant for the day.
  • Buy him new shorts.
  • Watch his favorite movie with him.
  • Go bike riding or hiking.
  • Give him a big hug from his teen daughter.
  • Tell him how much I love him.
  • Write him a song and then sing it to him.

    These where just some of the great ideas sent in to us from teens all over the world, and if you think your dad might enjoy any of these, go ahead, get to work! Just remember, your dad loves you and he will appreciate anything you do for him.

    Celebrate Dad!

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    Talk with you soon!

    Maria www.rockin-teen-parties.com

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