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Broken Heart Poems for Teens is where you can be free to express yourself through your poetry. I am glad your here.

As you know, the craft of poetry allows us to connect with each others feelings in a way that is real, and right from the heart.

Poetry permits one to express one's emotions that otherwise would not find the means to show itself.

Sometimes, when you feel lonely and misunderstood, writing can help you to understand that you are not alone. Like the lyrics to your favorite love song or the song that helped you get through a tough break-up, poems can be the window to not only the soul, but into your heart.

But it's not always easy to find the right words to express how you feel. If you find yourself at a loss of words when writing to someone special, Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets can help you find the words to express just how you feel. 

We would like you to share your poems for teens with us.

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This page is dedicated to you. The talented and thoughtful teens who have something to say, and would like to share it with others.

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What Other Visitors Have Shared

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Just for Now 
We can't all go the same path together always. There comes a time when there is a fork in the road and we must choose which way to go. I travel one …

Winter's Chill 
My heart is an icy block, one that is lodged deep in the burrows of my chest, one that has harden over years of growing. Only to be brought up, then harshly …

Now You're Gone 
Inside my room, I lay down and close my eyes, reminiscing our past and came up to realize. The happiness in us that passed by, and the hurt that I kept …

You Left Me Here to Drown in My Own Misery, I Hate You. 
Save me, save me please I beg you Keep me from disappearing because I'm slowly fading away, dying from this pain It's killing me, eating me alive …

Forever and Always 
He lied to me He said he loved me He told me forever and always He left me for her She was perfect He was perfect They loved each other from the …

I Have A Problem Now  
The questions never stop now, Neither do the stares now, My clothes are baggy now, I'm in the crowd now, My hands shake now, My head spins now, …

Happy Mother's Day  
Happy Mother's Day You taught me how to run and play You taught me all the girly things From dress-up clothes to ballet shoes To makeup, …

Long legs soft manes running thru pastures and eating lots of hay neigh! Hope you enjoyed it! ciao

No Matter 
I tried to be visible both body and soul, doing all in my power to keep myself in control. But you laugh at me, making me cry as I sit there wondering …

Let It Go 
You may feel down and low but, all your pain just shows. You remember what had happened that day. But that broken heart will be ok. You wish he/she …

Pain Became My Friend Today Not rated yet
Pain Became My Friend Today © Pain became my friend today She showed me how to hide She’d been watching from a distance Every tear I cried Pain …

Time Out To Cry  Not rated yet
All alone at the end of the day The time, just a little past ten Evening has come for a short stay It’s time for her sorrow again The smile on her …

The Perfect Friend Not rated yet
Today I found a friend Who knew everything I felt She knew my every weakness And the problems I’ve been dealt She understood my wonders And listened …

I Will Miss You Not rated yet
I thought it was a dream behind my eyes but later on it became tears and the last drop remained as memory and I will always remember you …

I Thought I Loved Him Not rated yet
I thought I loved him, I thought he loved me, I thought he loved being with with me. I thought, I thought, I thought. I THOUGHT HE WOULD NEVER …

I'll Move On Not rated yet
At first you took my breath away and made my butterfly's fly as high as a kite. You made my heart beat so fast that I shook. You made my lungs so …

Unspoken.. Not rated yet
I got something to tell you It's on my mind But I try to leave it all behind I'm afraid, I'm scared, I'm terrified Might as well go bake and hide …

Why Did You Girl? Not rated yet
My heart is crying full of tears. Why are you leaving me after all these years. you know who you are & what I mean. But you don't know that you are …

Default. Not rated yet
I know that I love you, I know that I do. The fact that you don't trust me makes it so much harder to tell you. You won't stop being negative, always …

Love Until Proven Wrong  Not rated yet
When I first saw you we were in church together then we started daiting though we new very little about each other. We took a chance. You said I …

Dear Chris... Not rated yet
All those days I spent crying over you, all those days I spend chasing you down, all the time hoping things may just go right, but I knew deep in my …

Good byes Not rated yet
Goodbye hurts cause I know it's the end, yet you still want to be just friends. I used to think love was true but it's nothing with out you. You …

Rebuild Pyramid Not rated yet
She used to be a pyramid but now she's a grain of sand. She used to be a hurricane and set the sails of a hundred ships, but now she's merely a gust of …

Left Me With Your Baby Not rated yet
I never knew how cruel a man could be. Until he gave me a baby, and left me, with only me. Inside I knew he was no good, through all the lies, I thought …

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Truly Divine Not rated yet
We can all rise up against others and point out their flaws. We can call them out in a group of people and say they are wrong and don't know what they're …

Regret Not rated yet
Loving someone causes more happiness than someone could realize. A feeling of everything, just like the sun that rises. but as the sun rises it needs …

Tomorrow Not rated yet
Tomorrow is beautiful. A new day, a fresh start and an opening of future's. But some of us never get to make it to tomorrow. We may have plans of what …

WORST HEARTBREAK!!! Not rated yet
Remembering all of your lies, cause too much pain that makes me cry. Why did you chose to break my heart? when all I've done is to love you right from …

That Broken Heart Not rated yet
When I was asked about you, I did not know what to say That my heart is actually beating for you? Or that you’re the reason I sway? Then I opened …

The Broken One Not rated yet
You thought he was the creamer to your coffee the peanut butter to your jelly and now he is your husband.

True Lies  Not rated yet
I never thought my life could past before my eyes I never thought tears can come before my cries But I now know the truth never lies Try to hide …

Peer Presure  Not rated yet
A life of lonely time hidden behind closed doors. My body is free to move where it pleases but I'm enclosed in the layers of my skin drowning in the words …

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