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College graduation party ideas to help you celebrate in style.

College graduation is a big deal and deserves the best party ideas to make it one to remember.

All the time and hard work has paid off and now it's time to celebrate this achievement with family and friends!

That said, there are still plenty of things to think about when hosting a celebration this important. You don't need to get stressed about every detail though, we are here to help.

Having planned more than a few graduation parties, we know that there is no clear map to a well planned event, so we will lead the way and offer some party decoration ideas, checklists, party menu ideas and of course, support.

Also, we only recommend products and companies that we use when we are planning events, so we know you will get the best products and service and we find them at low prices in order to make sure you get a great deal.

Now that you are ready to plan an amazing graduation party, there are a few things to decide before you do anything else.

  • How many people will be invited? While some people prefer a big party, most enjoy a smaller gathering of family and close friends. Think about long time friends as well as new college friends.
  • Do you want it to be formal or casual? This may depend on how many guests you want to have. The larger the guest list, the more casual you may want to go.
  • What's your budget? Great college graduation party ideas can get expensive if you're not careful, so having a ballpark figure will help you to keep costs to a manageable level and cut out things that are not that important to you if it's getting out of hand.
  • Where do you want to have the party? Where to have the party will depend on the graduates preference but remember, it can also take a big chunk out of the budget and determine the theme.
  • What will be on the menu?
  • - The menu is sometimes dictated by the venue. If you are having a more formal event in a hall or restaurant, you will have to choose from what they offer, but if you are going casual, like a home party you will have more choices. Having it catered can make it easier as well but if you're having a smaller group, you may want to prepare the food yourself.

Once you have decided on the big picture you can begin to get more detailed about the type of college graduation party ideas you want to implement.

Now for some great college graduation party ideas!

College Graduation Party Ideas & Themes

Like most parties, having a theme is a great way to add some fun and streamline the planning process.

Once you have picked your theme, you just choose invitations, decorations, and party food ideas around that theme. And the process is the same for college graduation party ideas.

These are the themes that have been most popular for college graduation parties:

Future...(Add Career Here.)

After spending several years studying, the graduate is usually excited to start their new career. Having a theme that focuses on their career choice is a great way to celebrate this new chapter in life.

Whatever the career choice; doctor, engineer, computer scientist, teacher, lawyer, or entertainer, you choose the decor based on that career!

Alma Mater

The college experience is one that you never forget, and if the graduate really loves their college this might be the perfect theme.

Decorating with school colors, banners and other fun college theme decorations is a fun way to celebrate their graduation and have all the best college graduation party ideas come to life. 

Casino Night

The great thing about casino night is that it pretty easy to do yet so much fun that no one will forget it. You'll want to set up a couple of casino tables with green or black felt and use a white marker to draw the lines for the various casino games. 


Not all graduates are interested in a party. Over the last few years we have seen a trend in taking vacations before graduates begin their work life. You can plan a family vacation or what's become more popular, a few friends may travel together. Not sure where you want to go? Take a look at these great vacation spots.


Everyone loves a luau! It doesn't matter if you have this one by the pool or at the beach, this festive party theme idea works anywhere.

Between the Hawaiian clothes, the great luau party supplies, the party games like the limbo, and of course some reggae or a steel drum band, this party is guaranteed to be a blast.

There are so many great party theme ideas to choose from and almost any of them can work for a college graduation party.

If you didn't find an idea here, we have many more party theme ideas choose from.

What You Will Need For Your Graduation Party

No matter what kind of party you will have or where you will have it there are a few things you will need to get the party started.

  • Graduation Invitations 
  • Party Decorations & Favors
  • The Menu
  • Entertainment - karaoke is very popular!
  • Guest book
  • Centerpiece

You can get our complete college graduation checklist to keep you organized.

Some other college graduation party ideas can take more preparation but are always appreciated!

  • Having a video slide show or movie that traces the new graduate's childhood, from babyhood to the present, is a fun and sometime very humorous thing at a graduation party. Of course the graduate may be a bit embarrassed at times but it is usually overshadowed by all the oohs and aahs.
  • Personalized Banners
  • A photo board at the entrance is also a really nice touch. You can have photos of their life or even just from school events or hobbies.
  • Custom candies 
  • Make some fun graduation party food!

The main goal of all these graduation party ideas is to make it fun for the graduate and make sure the attention is on them. It is their special day!

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