Dear Chris...

by Manny Benham
(Greenville, South Carolina)

All those days I spent crying over you,
all those days I spend chasing you down,
all the time hoping things may just go right,
but I knew deep in my heart it never would.

We fought for so long things just fell apart.
I ruined so many friendships with my slowly aching heart.

I wish I could take all those moments back,
but I know it will never be.

He told me today he wishes I could forget you.
You are like his brother, and he wants you gone.
You broke my heart, my soul shattered to the ground.

All the while you just stared.
You blamed all this drama on me,
the broken girl who didn't give a damn.

Well I guess my daddy was right about you in the end.
But I know that one day, God will give you what you gave me.

So, Dear Chris....

I hope your ready to feel the pain I felt.
I am done.

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