by Rae Diana Lonescu
(Escondido, California)



I know that I love you,
I know that I do.
The fact that you don't trust me
makes it so much harder to tell you.

You won't stop being negative,
always so dark and gloomy.
Why won't you see the good in the world?
Apparently your sight is very dimmed or blurry.

I love you so very much
but I'm afraid I have to let you go.
Because I see the way you look at her,
I just though I'd let you know.

So go...

You belong to her now,
that girl who I do not wish to mention.
She took your heart away from me,
with her false beauty and cunning manipulation.

And remember, what happened here today
was all her fault,
because she took you away.
She won by default.

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