Eyeball Pick

GOOEY!!! FUN!!! MESSY!!! What could be more fun to your child and their friends! each child will leave your kid talking about this game all week! You child will have fun looking for the eyeballs and get messy at the sme time! It's easy fun and great for all ages!

• Pumpkins (1 for each player)
• 5 white ping pong balls per pumpkin
• Black, Red, and Blue pens
• 1 pumpkin knife (to cut the pumpkin)

How to set up
1. cut the top of the pumpkin off to leave a hole big enough to reach into the pumpkin
2. leave the pumpkin guts inside the pumpkin
3. draw eyes on the ping pong balls (you will need 5 for each pumpkin)
4. hide the ping pong balls inside the pumpkin with the pumpkin guts still inside

How to play
1. Each player should have their own pumpkin
2. With each player standing in front of their pumpkin have their hands behind their back
3. When you say go all players will put their hands inside the pumpkin looking for the 5 eyeballs
4. The first player to find all their eyeballs wins the game!

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