Finding The Right
Gifts for Teens

Keep It Simple & Give Them Something
They Will Love

It's no secret that finding the right gifts for teens can be downright stressful!

Will they like it? Is it still popular? Will they think it's totally lame? Wow, no wonder we want to forget the whole thing and give them money!

But if you are anything like me, you want to give a nice present, something you think that person will like, and hopefully appreciate.

I'm no newbie when it comes to teens! I have two teens of my own. But beyond that, my friends also have teens, and so do their friends. So, when I told them I needed to put together a list of great teen gifts, they couldn't wait to meet so we could brainstorm, research and the easiest part...ask our teens to help!

Did they agree? You bet they did. This was their chance to tell us what they do want, and avoid getting something, well...lame!

Gifts For Teens

Are you ready to see the results? Here we go!

I was told (by the teens) to divide this list by categories, and so that is what I have done. You will find gifts for both teen girls and boys, with all kinds of interests all right here. Take a look!

I really hope this will take the stress out of buying gifts for teens, but remember, there is always money!

  • Great books about everything you can imagine-  Amazon Books

  • An on-line business - These days, kids are so computer savvy and with all their knowledge, and connections in the social networking area, starting an on-line business is such a great idea! 

They share their knowledge of a subject that they have a passion for just by writing about it, and they make money too!

This isn’t the type of gift they forget can actually be the most valuable gift they will ever get!

A business they can build at their own pace about something they know and love. And they don't do it alone. With the action guide it's like having a teacher right there taking them step by step through the whole process from idea to monetization.

You can see how a 14 year old built her successful site about her favorite vacation spot!

And she did it part time!

If you're still not sure just take a look at the short video so you can see that building a web business is not just possible but is an amazing and profitable gift to give.

Birthday pranks can be really fun to play if you play it on someone you actually like and has a great sense of humor. For great gag gifts and prank ideas, take a look at

Looking for creative gift ideas that you can make yourself? Check out Do it yourself for many inexpensive and unique gift ideas and projects you can make yourself.

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