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Party Checklist

Make Party Planning Easy

Having a graduation party checklist takes the stress out of planning a great party!

Do you really need a graduation party checklist?

Graduating from college is a huge milestone in life and it is one that should be celebrated. So much work and effort goes into getting an education and that in itself is a reason to get together with family and friends to celebrate the occasion. So, when you plan your graduation party, you want to make sure you do it right.

Having a graduation party checklist can be just what you need to make sure things run smoothly and eliminate any stress you may feel in putting together your party. It is all about celebrating your success and it should be fun.

This is the checklist we use in planning, so feel free to use it too!

Congratulations on Your Success!

Graduation Party Checklist

Early Planning

__ Set Your Budget
__ Choose Date
__ Choose Theme
__ Decide on the Location
__ Plan the Menu - catering or cooking?
__ How Many Guests?
__ Entertainment Plans
__ Party Planner
__ Playlists
__ Flowers 
__ Gather Memorabilia
__ Assemble Scrapbook

Before the Graduation Party

___ Choose Invitations - Order on-line, get them from the local party store, or choose personalized invitations. Order early so you can get what you want. 

___ Response Card and Envelope – A good idea if you are having lots of out of town guests or a larger party.

___ Directions - A map to where the party is being held if you have guests from out of town or if it’s being held somewhere other than your home.

___ Seating Cards - For a more formal party.

___ Choose the Thank you notes.

___ Signs and the Guest Book, or Photo Boards - If you are getting any special life-sized cutouts, signs, or photo boards order them early to be sure you get them in plenty of time.

___ Agenda - If there are other informal plans the same weekend like golf, the beach, or other parties to attend.

___ Rent tent, tables, chairs, serving dishes, utensils, if needed.

___ Charge video & camera batteries.

___ Send 4 weeks before the graduation. Date Sent: ________ 

Menu Ideas -

Appetizers ___________________________
Salads _______________________________
Main Course __________________________
Desserts _____________________________
Drinks _______________________________

For the Day of the Event


___ Personalized Vinyl Banners
___ Entrance Sign – Congratulations Graduate!
___ Graduation balloons
___ Photo Board
___ Sign in Book
___ Decorations
___ Table Decorations
___ Candles & Lighting
___ Theme Signs & Decorations 
___ Photo Blow-Ups - The graduate, family, and friends
___ Gift Table
___ Balloon Treatments, Bouquets, and Arches - Graduation Balloons are festive and inexpensive.
___ Specialty Items - life size cut-out of the graduate
___ Set Up Bar


___ Linen ___ Color ______________________
___ Napkins ___ Color ______________________
___ Centerpiece –
___ Confetti/glitter
___ Specialty Items ___________________
_______________________ _____________________
___________________ __________________

Graduation Party Favors:

_Choose Graduation Party Decorations, Favors, Supplies and More! 

_Personalized candy

_Candy bars 

_ personalized graduation pens

_ Personalized mugs

Graduation Party Games:

Choosing games/entertainment that go with the theme is a great idea.
__ Karaoke
__ Limbo
__ Dance Contest
__ Gaming

Graduation Gift Ideas:

You can find more great graduation gifts for guys and for graduating girls as well.

Help Us Out!

If you think of anything we need to add to this graduation party checklist, please let us know!

     We would love it if you would share your party ideas with us.

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