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Planning out your graduation party food is a pretty important task for a successful party. You want to make sure you have enough variety of party food to please different tastes, while keeping an even spread of classic dishes, some healthful fare, and of course, plenty of snacks and desserts.

Because graduation parties tend to be larger, a buffet table with plenty of food choices works well. Guest can serve themselves and eat when they want.  This works well with an open house, when guests may be coming and going at different times throughout the party. Whether you are hosting this for high school or college, there are many food ideas here to make your party menu a hit!

Graduation Party Food: The Classics

It’s a good idea to serve a few classic main dishes that everyone recognizes, such as a meat or protein dish. If it is warm out and you are able to fire up the grill, you can serve hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken pieces, or Italian sausages.

If you prefer not to have to work at the grill during the party, serve up some casserole or baked items that can prepared ahead of time. Some examples include a honey-baked ham, baked chicken pieces, or roast beef.

Pasta dishes are a good choice, as vegetarians can reach for this and most other party-goers will have this as a side as well. Lasagna, rigatoni, and pasta salad are great dishes to have on the buffet table.

Graduation Party Food:  Throw in some Healthy Dishes

Try to include some healthy options too!  A salad is a necessity.  Try serving the greens in a large bowl, and have all the chopped vegetables and toppings in little dishes so guests can make their salad to their liking.

Fruit is also a popular party food to have available. There are so many fun ways to serve fruit.

Try carving out a watermelon into a bowl to hold all the chopped fruits inside. You can even get creative and carve the graduation year into the side of the watermelon.

Serving the fruit pieces on skewers is also a fun option and makes it very easy to pick up a fruit kabob from the buffet table.

Graduation Party Food:  Fun Snacks and Desserts

I love snacks and desserts that carry out the party theme.  A perfect snack to serve, that is also easy to prepare, is to make mini diploma cookies. Buy a package of Pirouline cookies, and then tie a little ribbon around them in the school colors. You can also spread fixings (such as cream cheese and some finely chopped veggies) inside a flour tortilla and roll those up too, and attach a ribbon.

Make some mini graduation caps! These are so cute and look great on top of cupcakes, or you can push them on to candy sticks. To make these, you will need chocolate squares (Ghirardelli squares work great and are just the right size), chocolate melting wafers, mini peanut butter cups, mini M&M candies or Red Hots, and some Royal icing to make the tassels.

To assemble the little hats, melt the chocolate wafers to be the “glue”, and spread a bit on the bottom of the peanut butter cup, and adhere a chocolate square right on top of it. Use the melted chocolate to also attach a single M&M or Red Hot to the top of the hat, and then add the tassel using Royal icing or a licorice string.

With these graduation party food ideas, your buffet table will not leave any guests disappointed!

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