Halloween Party Ideas
for Teenagers

Look no further for the best Halloween party ideas for teenagers! It funny, they are too old for trick-or-treating but still want to celebrate with something fun and scary!

Can we blame them?

The best way to keep your teen out of trouble on Halloween is to have a teen Halloween party!

I know, just the thought can be frightening! But it really doesn't have to be difficult, and just think, you could end up having a blast yourself.

Teen Halloween party ideas for teenagers are not always easy to come up with, but that's why we are here. To share only ideas that have been done...and fun was had by all!

If you like to create, this is a great time to to have some fun with it. Between the spooky atmosphere, the gross food ideas and the original costumes and music, this can be the best party you have ever had.

Assemble the Team

  • Since planning is the key to a successful teen parties, I always get a team together. This is usually the teen throwing the party and one or two friends. Oh, and me, of course. I'm not completely crazy!
  • Give each team member a job and a fun title. We assign a decorations supervisor, a musical genius, an entertainment supervisor, a top chef and an invitation creator. Now, they do work together, it's just fun to have them be "in charge" so they can focus on making sure their job has been done.
  • Watch the guest list! The last thing you want is the entire freshman class coming in your house! Determine how many kids you think is enough and give the team that number. Have the team put together a guest list of kids that will not cause any trouble and only the amount of kids you have agreed on.
  • Another idea is to have a Halloween party theme costume party, like the 1950s Halloween costume party, or maybe scary movie Villains.
  • Send invitations early so guests have some time to put together a great costume. Especially if you're going with a theme!
  • Halloween Costumes - Find the scariest costume for Halloween this year at HalloweenCostumes.com. They have great deals. Oh, and costumes should be mandatory! No exceptions!

Decide on a Menu

Planning the menu for a teen Halloween party can be a total blast! Mostly because they love stuff that it completely gross!

So, what kind of food do you want to serve? You can plan your menu based on a Halloween party theme or just prepare the gross stuff that teens will love.

Here are great Halloween party food ideas to try!

  • Blood dip
  • Eyeball doughnuts
  • Scabs and zits
  • Mummy Dogs
  • Severed finger cookies
  • Spiders
  • and more...

Set the Scene

Take your party to the next level with Halloween decorations from HalloweenCostumes.com!

Now it's time to decorate for dread! you need some awesome Halloween Props and Decorations.

In order to make the scene scary, you will need pick up a few things. Here are some easy, low cost ways to decorate to scare!

  • Create an eerie entrance. Make sure your lawn has gravestones with the names of the guests on them. Lot's of plastic or rubber spiders on the ground and hanging by the doorway. It's also fun to have a scary dummy with a bloody ax in his head or knife in its chest. And don't forget the scary noises track and black light!
  • Candles are great- lots of them! All around the house. Be safe though!
  • Black crows and birds are great for the spook factor!
  • Carved pumpkins lit up create a scary atmosphere. Put them outside and have a few inside as well.
  • Lightening is really important. You need just enough to see, but not too much or you don't have the air of mystery. Black lights and strobes are fun and of course, orange and black candles!

Halloween Party Music

How important is the Halloween party music? It will make or break the party! So, be sure your musical genius takes this job seriously!

Here is some great creepy Halloween party music for your teen Halloween party!

Halloween Games for Teens

When thinking about Halloween party ideas for teenagers, you know that spooky entertainment is a must. So, here are a few favorite Halloween games and activities for teens!

Want to check out more Halloween party ideas and games? here you go!

Halloween parties are a great time to let your imagination get wild! We hope you find some great Halloween party ideas for teenagers right here!

                              Make yours a rockin spooky time!

Share your scary Halloween party ideas!

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