Happy Mother's Day

by Jordan Ramirez

Happy Mother's Day

You taught me how to run and play

You taught me all the girly things

From dress-up clothes to ballet shoes

To makeup, pearls, and lipstick too

You said, 'Stand up straight,

And hold that head up high!'

Be tough and strong

Be loving and kind

Be true to yourself baby girl

Follow your heart at all times

It seems to me you know it all

You are the smartest person of them all

I often wonder what I'll do

When I don't have you to look up to

Then I remember what you said

'Hold that head up high!'

Only this time I'll look to the sky

I'll ask you anything I want to

From makeup, clothes, to boys now too!

I know you'll be there watching me

From days, to years, to centuries

One day I'll meet you in a place called heaven

I'll run to you and hold you tight

For the Lord has blessed me with the greatest mom

So here's to you on your special day

I Love You Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

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