Hawaiian Pool Party 

By Brian


My Hawaiian pool party was a surprise party for my 18th birthday, and what a surprise it was!

I had been out with a friend getting a burger and he insisted on heading to the mall despite my strong objections. Did I suspect anything? No, he does that kind of thing a lot.

Anyway, it was a pretty warm day and so I invited him to come back to my house to go for a swim, and then we were going to head out to a movie to hook up with our other friends.

When we walked in the house I was completely shocked to hear "SURPRISE!" Mostly because I don't much like surprises.

Everyone was wearing Hawaiian clothes and flowered leis and the house looked like a resort the way there was grass skirts on the tables and the cups were coconuts with little umbrellas in them, and all the food!

There were tiki torches in the yard, Jimmy Buffet music playing, the waterfalls on and all my friends and family swimming and having a great time. We had BBQ chicken, ribs and burgers with all kinds of salads and fruit platters.

I really didn't think I'd like having a surprise party, but I have to admit...it was a total blast!

My friends got all the Hawaiian Luau Costumes & Decor at ebay. They said it was easy and inexpensive...college kid budget. You know how it is.

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