High School Musical

A Red Hot Party Theme

Who is your favorite High School Musical star?

Having a party? Nothing is more fun than themed party ideas for teenagers, they are a blast! It's fun for all and right now, HSM is...


This teen party has several options on how to make this theme work for you.

Because of how popular it is, there are many party supplies that are ready to go.

There are ready made invitations, balloons, plates, cups and banners etc. and I agree that depending on your teen, this may be the way to go. Or sometimes when you're short of time, this would be the best option.

But personally, I like planning in advance so although I would use some of the party decoration ideas I found, I prefer to get a little more creative.

So, I try to come up with some creative party invitation ideas, party food ideas, and of course, the party music.

When I plan a party with a movie theme, I watch the movie and study it. What parts are highlights, and more important, what does my teen daughter think are the best parts and most importantly, are they fairly easy to re-create?

Then I get a look at the props and will try to create one scene as the focus of the party.

Does your teen and his/her friends like to perform?

Here are the Soundtracks!

  • High School Musical 2
  • High School Musical 2 - Karaoke
  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year (+ Bonus DVD)

If so, maybe they would like to work on a musical number to perform later, maybe for the parents. That is what my daughter, (then 13 years old and no boys at the party) did. The girls loved it! So did the parents!

This theme has gotten very popular, ever since the movies have become all the rage. The actors that starred in the movies seem to be everywhere.

This theme is fun and gives your teen a chance to be a High School Musical star!

Are you ready? Here we go!

Have the kids dress like the star they like best:

  • Troy Bolton - Team captain of the East High Wildcats basketball team.
  • Gabriella Montez - New student, but also brilliant in math and science.
  • Sharpay Evans - The star of every school play since kindergarten, and she's not willing to share the spotlight!
  • Ryan Evans - He has also been the star and as Sharpay's brother, he is also not willing to share the spotlight and he will do what it takes to hold on to it!
  • Taylor McKessie - The captain of the scholastic decathlon team and need Gabriella's brains to win!
  • Chad Danforth - a major player on the court and also Troy's best bud, but isn't getting the performing thing at all.
  • Mrs. Darbus - The high queen of the theater. Doesn't like jocks and thinks the only worthwhile activity is preparing to perform.
  • Jack Bolton - Troy's dad and the basketball coach of the East High Wildcats. He thinks the theater is a waste of time, and is solely focused on Troy's ability to get a scholarship to college.

All of these characters have a dream and by playing one of them, your teen can pursue those dreams too!

Not everyone needs to be a main character, there are plenty of basketball players, cheerleaders and students to give everyone a chance to join in the fun!

                            Just remember...red is their school color!


Okay, here you can go with buying the HSM invitations that are out or...you can create your own.

I always get my teen involved and it usually turns out to be a terrific time!

Making your own...

The party stores have some great supplies. For this theme, I started with confetti and red and silver musical notes and some sparkles. You can use a program to write your message on the invitations, but then add your own creative style to them. Better yet, have your teen and a friend design the invitations.

I know parents hate this so try it at your own risk...but it's fun to put confetti in the envelope. Well, if you don't have to clean it up!

Don't forget to make a note that the teens should dress as their favorite character!

Think Red!

This is what you will need

High School Musical Entryway

You may want to make or buy a banner or sign and hang it in the doorway of the front door. We also put a red carpet up the walkway to the front door. Having the paparazzi there shooting photos is fun and you can use the photo as a party favor!

You can also get a life size cut-out of Troy or Gabriella.

Decorate the house with red and white twinkle lights, pom poms, and the soundtrack from High School Musical playing as the guests come in.

Also, having a couple of CD's that your teen makes is a good idea, since everyone will get tired of the same songs playing over and over!


Supplies you may want to pick up:

  • Plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, knives - Go with the color red. If you can find decorations that are musical, all the better!
  • Napkins - High School Musical or with something related to music.
  • Balloons
  • Signs or Banners
  • Cutouts
  • party food
  • High School Musical cake

Party Favors

  • Personalized CD's for each guest can be your party favors. Have your teen make these, besides knowing the music that the teens are listening to, they will really have a great time choosing the songs!
  • Inflatable microphones
  • Photo of your guest dressed in costume or a group picture is always fun!

If they decide they want to perform, you will need enough room for the teens to work on their musical number.

                     A spotlight or disco light is always a blast!

Optional Party Fun & Games

  • Sing karaoke - the soundtrack is a must!
  • Singing contest
  • Costume contest
  • High School Musical trivia game
  • Dance contest
  • LIP SYNC contest to the hits of High School Musical
  • Watch H.S Musical the movie together


It's time to put the band back together and rock and roll! You may want to have the teens get into small groups and put an act together.

A spontaneous Karaoke talent show will have everyone up on their feet and ready to rock. Make sure to have a variety of inflatable instruments around so every singer can have a band to back them up!

Choose a few the optional party fun & games and your teen will have a party they will never forget!

Party Food

Always keep the food simple. A buffet of a good variety of foods is a nice idea.

Things like...

  • Coolers of soft drinks and juices
  • A taco bar
  • Burger & dogs
  • Cookies
  • Pizza
  • Salad bar
  • Sandwich bar with cold cuts, cheeses, & condiments
  • Bagel bar with cream cheese, butter and hummus
  • Fruits
  • Veggies and serve with dips such as ranch or onion dip
  • Pigs in a blanket with mustard. Be careful though, mustard doesn't come out of carpet...don't ask!
  • Pasta bar
  • Cakes, and other deserts.
  • Fun candy - Get 10% off sugar-free candy at OldTimeCandy.com. use code 08891

This can be so much fun if you have a good group of teens who will want to participate!

                              Go East High Wildcats!

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