How to Host a Murder

And Enjoy Every Minute of It

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party is one of the great party ideas for teenagers and even your pre-teen! Anyone can figure out how to have a successful  and fun party.

Finding theme party ideas is easy if you know where to look, and of course, deciding on your attendees will be fun. But the rest of it can be rather daunting. The key is to plan as much as you can. You want your party to run smoothly, and only planning well can do this.

Locating a good murder mystery game is the first thing to do. You can find them online, but be sure to read through the whole thing.

I personally like to buy one so I can have everything I need to know how to host a murder all in one box.

Here are a couple that we love. Just pick one that sounds like you, your teen, and one that they will have fun with.

  • 1930s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

  • 1940s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

  • 1920s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

  • All-Woman Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Train Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

  • Playing Card Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Christmas Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • 4th of July Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Easter Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Winery Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Party Kit

  • Large-Group Wild West Murder Mystery Party Kit

    Upon inviting your guests, let them know what the theme is of your chosen mystery party and the date and time. Hold off assigning your characters until you have a solid RSVP list. Once you do, it can be fun to let them know that dressing for the part adds to the fun!

    You can also opt to decorate the venue to suit the theme of the murder mystery (or not). Depending on the type of theme it is, party decoration ideas should be pretty easy to come up with. It can be more work, but is also can create the perfect setting for a great party.

    The party food ideas you choose should be simple; finger foods work best for this type of party because this way people can move around and mingle. I tend to think pizza time, it's easy and everyone loves pizza! You can also opt to have each person bring a dish. This can alleviate some of the stress of hosting the party and you get a nice variety of dishes to eat.

    About 2 weeks before, read through and prepare all the paperwork for the game.

    Create envelopes for each character and then you can go ahead and assign the characters. Be sure to include as much of a description about each character as possible, allowing guests enough information to accurately dress for the occasion. You must also be sure that you are allowing your party guests enough time to get what they need to dress their part.

    Lastly, get everything in place. Decorate, if you have chosen to do so, and set up a buffet table for your guests. Then just answer the door and have a great time. Having a murder mystery party doesn't have to be difficult, however, it does need to be planned out. Doing all the work well in advance will ensure that you and your guests are relaxed and ready to have fun.

    By Carol Ann

    Now, go learn how to host a murder
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    1920s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

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