I'll Move On

by Hope Giles
(England, South Shields)

At first you took my breath away
and made my butterfly's fly as high as a kite.

You made my heart beat so fast that I shook.
You made my lungs so tight that I could hardly breath.

Every worry I had would fly out of my head
because when I saw you, everything was gone and you were the only picture I saw in my head.

But now your gone and I can't think anything but you.

my heart hurts, and my butterfly's have disappeared.

I love you but hate you for what you're putting me through.

If I see a shooting star, I would wish for you back to kiss my lips and make them tingle.

To hold me tight so that my heart thumps faster.
We have are ups and downs but I love you.

I'll move one one day, but now I need you back.

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