Just for Now

by Jamie Martin
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

We can't all go the same path together always. There comes a time when there is a fork in the road and we must choose which way to go.

I travel one way and you travel the other. But it's not forever that we part.

It's just for now.

It's hard to let go and face the journey ahead of us. The road won't always be smooth, the water's not always calm. We need to be prepared in advanced that life is not easy.

The road will have ditches the waters waves. But that's what tests us. We can let them push us back and our journey is cut short or we can push through and come out on top.

Which path will you choose?

I will not travel the path you chose because that is your destiny that only you can fulfill, no matter how long or short.

My destiny sends me the opposite way, far from you. I won't ask you to come, there are some things we are meant to do on our own and this is one of them.

It's not goodbye forever.

Just for now.

And while I travel I will think of you often. Not a day will go by that you don't cross my mind. I will think of he fun times we had, the hardships and pain we had to endure.

When you were sad I felt your sorrow when I was happy you felt my joy. You will be in my memories and always and forever in my heart. Our goodbyes are only just for now.

When our paths cross together again years into the future, will you still be the same? Will I? Of course not, we will be changed people.

But will we still remember the past, our friendship? Will we still have the same things in common or nothing at all. And when we say goodbye again, will it be just for now? Or goodbye for always?

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