Late Night With...

Your Opportunity To Be A
Talk Show Host

Late night a really funny theme for those teens who enjoy being the center of attention. They play a talk show host and model themselves after their favorite!

Now you can show Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon how it's done!

"Get your video camera ready, it is hysterical!"

Don't think you can pull it off?

This is what you will need:

(Any of this can be changed to suit your available space, and energy level.)

Outside the door:
"The Fans"

I like to get a group of little kids together that live in the neighborhood and dress them up as the biggest "fans" with cameras around their necks and cardboard signs with fun phrases, and autograph books.

It's really funny if they scream when your teen is in sight and ask for autographs and photos.

Tell them to pretend it's their favorite teen idol and offer candy! 

In the "green room" you can have a small table with a pitcher of water and some snacks for the guests that will be on the "show" that night.

It's fun to choose a couple of kids from the party and have them pick a star that they would like to "play". Your teen will know who will have fun with this, if you aren't sure.

Welcome Zone

A really fun idea to get the mood going from the second the guests come in the door is to have a marquee.

You can put at the top:

CBS Studios Presents:

and below it, in flashing lights:

                     Late Night with (Teen's Name or nickname)

You might like to have press passes for each guest, with:

CBS Studios

Late Night With _________


If you laminate it and put a string through so it can hang long on their necks it will be a treasured party favor.

       Another fun idea is to have admission tickets for the guests.

Show Time at Late Night!

You will need a host chair and desk, and a couch for the guests. a spot light if you'd like. Your teen may like to choose a few friends that will go along with the "show" so that everyone will have fun. Give them time to get into character as the guests socialize.

Before the show starts have the shows theme music play and the announcer announce "This is Late Night with _________________!

Tonight's guests are... (use the starts names that the guests chose)

Have the announcer be loud and bold like on all the shows!

Then start the show!

Your teen will ask questions to the stars that their friends are "playing" so they should relate to that character.

A great tip is to have questions written down before hand, it will help in keeping the focus of the show.

    This will not only be funny for all, but it will be remembered!


What you need at a glance:

Stars or Hollywood type of party decoration ideas make it fun!

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  • Balloons
  • Plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, knives all Hollywood style.
  • Banners
  • inflatable microphones
  • director's Clapboard
  • shades for the stars
  • Invitations
  • Party food
  • Cake & deserts
  • Signs, fans, party favors

Some party planning ideas to keep in mind: Keep the party food ideas fun and simple and have your party decoration ideas right on target with your theme. 

Don't forget the cake!

Go Hollywood With A
Late Night Party!


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