Murder Mystery Parties

Murder Mystery Parties are Hot!

You watch all the crime shows and pride yourself on figuring it all out before they reveal who had done it. And you think you'd be a pretty good detective if you had the chance, right?

Well, this is your chance!

Host one of the fastest growing teen party themes... 

The Murder Mystery!

This theme has many options, so be sure to check them out and decide what mystery party ideas will work best for you!

But first, let's talk about what it is and how it works.

This is an interactive party and everyone participates. So the first thing to think about is who to invite. You want people who will really get into their character and have a good time with it!

You or your teen, the host, as well as all of the guests take on a roll or character. One of the guests is the murderer, and it is his/her job to conceal that as long as possible. The rest of you are trying to find out who did it!

Just like on Law and Order!

Now, usually there is more than just the main plot. This adds a lot of plotting and scheming and can even lead to additional crimes being committed within the mystery itself.

Why? Well, we don't want to make it too easy and really, life is just not that clean! Where you find one crime, you can usually find another.

The most difficult part of a murder mystery party is deciding on the type of murder and the level of difficulty.

There are so many options that it would be too difficult to discuss all of them here. But we will talk about a couple and I will also give you references to great books and links to some additional sites and even a few how to host a murder games so you can find your best fit!

There are many reasons to have an interactive murder mystery party. Here are few...

  • They are a total blast!
  • You are given all of your information at the start of the game. If you find that you are the murderer, then you know how and why you committed murder and you will have to decide how you will redirect suspicion away from yourself.
  • This is not a board game. It is so much more!
  • You all move about and get to "play" a part in a show.
  • You get to decide how many guests will play.
  • You can either trust your guests or not. Blackmail is an option. Only as part of the game though!
  • The murder mystery is completely interactive and while there is a set solution to the murder, there are other goals to achieve, such as hiding your affair, or being hunted by the mob. But you get to decide how you achieve them.
  • Creativity is encouraged!

Okay, so we're clear on the purpose?

Let's do it!

This is what you will need: As always, you can choose what works for your party and budget.

A Murder Mystery Party is a bit different because they can be more complicated to put on. What I'm saying is that It is going to take some professional help...but not an expensive expert or party planner. Your expert may come in a box!

There are many companies that specialize in creating murder mystery party kits, such as Murder Mystery party and Dinner and a Murder, both on the internet, that have a script, and instructions and party decoration ideas and just about anything else you will need to put on a great Murder Mystery Party!

They kits are very good and better yet, they are easy! I highly recommend them. Of course, I will give you some links but I do ask that you check out several companies and choose what fits your needs before you purchase anything.

Having A Theme Party?
Find Mysteries to Fit Your Theme

Be sure to take a look at these games too. they are convenient, fun and have everything you need to have a great party!

Downloadable Las Vegas Murder Mystery Party Kit

Downloadable Golf Murder Mystery Party Kit

Downloadable Cruise Murder Mystery Party Kit

Downloadable Al Capone Murder Mystery Party Kit

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1950s Sitcom Theatrical Murder Mystery

Downloadable Art Gallery Murder Mystery Party Kit

1930s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

1940s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

1920s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

All-Woman Murder Mystery Party Kit

Train Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

Playing Card Murder Mystery Party Kit

Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Party Kit

New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party Kit

Large-Group Wild West Murder Mystery Party Kit

Before You Begin Planning

  • Find a theme that works with your teen's interests.
  • Have the guests dress in appropriate clothing for the time and setting.
  • Read and review several kits before you choose one. Ask friends and family if they have any resources and recommendations.
  • You will want to purchase your kit as soon as possible. You, as the party host, will want to be familiar with the plot before you send out the invitations. Some companies sell kits that can be downloaded immediately upon payment.
  • Read all of the information carefully! You will want to understand the storyline and be clear about how the plot should unfold.
  • Determine how long it will take and be sure your guests can stay until the murder has been solved!
  • Be prepared to supervise or direct the party from behind the scenes. You will need to make sure the teens understand the sequencing of events from reading the script, to acting out the parts, to serving and eating the food, to solving the mystery all while staying in character.
  • It is a good idea to have two adults assisting. One of you may just want to observe and assist only when needed.

Some Murder Mystery Party Themes to consider...

  • American Idol - Who murdered Simon?
  • Murder At The Four Deuces - a rip roaring 1920's gangster murder mystery game with lots of fun, murder, bribery and back stabbing to be had. Some of the guests will include gangsters, politicians, singers and gamblers.
  • The Sizzling Case of The Soccer Saboteur - is an ALL-GIRL mystery from popular kids mystery writer Andrew West. Your group of girls will enjoy solving the case and discovering who put the Red Hot Itching Powder in the star soccer player's new shoes just before the start of the State Championship Game between the Rolling Hills Bluebirds and the Seashell Cove Wildcats.
  • The Troubling Case of the Trophy Theft - is the also by Lis Norman. Your group of preteens will be challenged to find out what happened to the Wombleton trophy that was to have been presented to Tommy Ace after his victory at the prestigious tournament.
  • The Blood-Curdling Case of The Buried Treasure - A mystery designed for an outdoor event. Your group of teenage sleuths will find screams, hidden sub-plots, and a legendary pirate treasure when tying together key facts and determining what happened in the woods at Buccaneer Park.
  • Write your own! If you are a mystery lover, you may want to write your own script and create your own clues! It needs to be somewhat believable, scary and interesting.
  • Purchase one. It's one stop shopping for a great teenage party ideas.

The Setup

Okay, this is a big part of the fun of this theme. It should be easy to decorate for a mystery party, since the mystery will be staged in a particular time and place that will provide enough suggestions for an appropriate setting. The hard part is finding what you need. But with all the party shops on-line it should be a little easier to find everything to make your party great!

Remember, mystery party kits will come with plenty of ideas for decorations and props and will tell you the setting for the story line.

The scripts will also list the characters and suggestions for costumes. When you send out your invitations, you will just add a list of what clothing, make-up and other accessories they may need and ask your guests to come dressed as their character.

It really makes all the difference!

Party Favors

Of course, you should look for party favors that fit the story line. Things like small flashlights, a secret journal or key, and a magnifying glass all fit the mystery theme. Get creative and most of all, have fun!

that will be great for your mystery party.

Party Food

Sometimes the party kit will suggest the food to serve but if not, you can make things that use the mystery theme, like hot dogs with blood...I mean ketchup, or other types of easy foods. Once you have your theme, party menu ideas should pop in your head pretty easily. Just get creative and make it fun.

Don't forget to serve up some sweets! Detecting makes you hungry!

Tips for Murder Mystery Parties Success

  • Make sure that you only invite people to your murder mystery party who are going to really get involved in the fun. Everyone present needs to play their parts enthusiastically!
  • Stay in character!
  • Be sure that it's possible to discover the scoundrel by following the clues, asking questions of the other witnesses and piecing it all together. There should be several suspects, but only the guilty person should be blameworthy.
  • Invitations should be sent out very early! You want to be sure to give plenty of time for your guests to get what they need to become their character!
  • Tell all your guests to keep their characters a secret, even from partners or friends! It really gets the party off to a great start and it adds to the mystery if nobody knows who anybody else is until the last minute.
  • Make sure that each character has their own background of childhood, jobs, affairs, marriages, places lived, etc. So the characters can use this information as how they behave and make it fit in with their stories, evidence, alibis and clues.
  • The host must keep the story on track. No talking about school or anything not related to the story line.
  • Ask everyone to ad lib and develop his or her character. Be creative and make it fun!
  • Select appropriate music and ambiance to set the stage of the mystery.
  • It's suppose to be fun, so don't get crazy over the details.

Hosting a murder mystery party can be so much fun if you have a good group of teens who will want to participate!

Have fun & good luck finding the murderer!!!

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If you're looking for a great party idea, you can't go wrong with a mystery!

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