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Awesome party game ideas for your next party!

Anytime you are planning teen parties, there are many things to consider and games are one of the more important things on the list.

As we know, teens are pretty social, at least most of them! But that doesn't mean that having a party doesn't throw them into a state of anxiety. After all, a good party can be great for them but a bad can be a disaster!

And you really don't want your friends standing around doing nothing. The fact is that games are are also just plain fun. And there is nothing wrong with that!

But if you need a good reason to have games at your next party here are a few.

They are:

  • Ice Breakers
  • Entertainment
  • Idea Boosters
  • Team Building Exercises
  • And Add Fun

And whether you know it or not, many of the fun party ideas include teenage party games! Not sure what party game ideas will work for your party?

Fear not, we have games for all teenage parties! We have some sent in from teens, and we have scouted out the best games for all types of teen parties.

Party theme ideas are big with teens so we even have party game ideas that work with the different theme parties. You can find those on the theme party page for that specific theme party.

So if your looking for some great party game ideas, you have come to the right place! And if you would like to add a great party game to this site, add it here! We love hearing from you!

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Active Games

Karaoke Contest

One of the favorite party game ideas we hear about is having a karaoke contest. This can be done as singles or in teams. Some teens are pretty self conscious so working in teams is a good place to start.

You will need:

The judges (I like to have three), should have mini whiteboards & erasers and a marker and give some feedback along with a score. Just like on American Idol. The team with the highest score wins!

Don't forget to have a prize for the winner!

Wii Bowling

The wii has added so much fun to teenage parties, it's hard not to mention them. They are a big favorite of teens, and there are so many great wii games to choose from!

Our favorite for teens is the blacklight wii bowling.

You will need:

  • A Wii Console
  • Brunswick Zone Cosmic Bowling - Nintendo Wii
  • Extra Controllers
  • Some space to move
  • Fun people (a must!)

This game is a total blast! Again, you can work in teams if you need to.

Dance Revolution

Another great game for the wii. This is very popular with teens of all ages right now and for good's so much fun!

You will need:

Now you just need to get ready to dance! This is fun but exhausting. It's also great exercise!

Our Story

This one was sent in by one of our readers and has gotten some great feedback! Thanks, Annie!

by Annie - Texas

My friends and I really like to write stories so we decided to do a group story, giving everyone a chance to write a part.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Colored pens
  • Your imagination

The first person starts the story by writing down the first sentence and then gives the paper to the next person. They continue the story with the next sentence and pass it on. You keep passing it around until everyone gets a chance to write something.

Then let the host read the story to all of the guests. It ends up being so funny!


This isn't a game that is popular for everyone, but some kids love it.

You will need:

Board Games

Curses! Of the Vampire Party Game

Game Description -

In Curses! Of the Vampire, players receive "curse" cards with behaviors they must maintain throughout the game.

Curses include such tasks as "You are a Vampire named Bubba. Speak like a vampire Elvis."

While at the same time, You are an infomercial host. "Tell everyone why they need to by the Ab-Cruncher right now.”

Your curse combo may sound something like this: "Call now and zis Ab-Cruncher vill turn you into a hunka-hunka burnin’ love!"

Other curses include - Make a friend become a crazy vampire or a hapless villager! If he slips up, ring the bell and you are one step closer to winning.

The combinations of cards are up to you! Curses! Of the Vampire is full of hilarious antics that will enchant any party or family game night. Easy to play...hard to stop laughing.

This game gets great reviews!

Milton Bradley Operation Board Game

Game Description -

Test your surgical skills with this classic game of coordination and muscle control. Perform operations to earn money - but don't set off the alarm. Operation asks you to remove ailments without setting off the buzzer! Heal and deal with this family favorite.

Everyone loves this game! We have been asked to add it to our games page, so here it is Bob!

Parker Brothers Risk Board Game

Risk is the classic battle game of global domination. Control armies devise strategies and capture territories to ultimately conquer the world.

This game is pretty intense and is taken very seriously by those who get into it. Best if your having a small group over, and best played after the party and not during! We found this out the hard way!

These are the most requested games from our newsletter readers and regular visitors. If you'd like to add your favorite party game ideas,

add them here, or if you want to add any other party ideas to the site, we'd love to hear from you too!

Add your party ideas here.

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