Party Planning Ideas

Tips to Make Having a Party More Fun, Even For those who plan it!

Party planning ideas to take the hassle out of planning your next party! Having parties is fun but can be devastating to plan if you don't think you're creative or just feel overwhelmed by the whole thing.

But don't despair, we have party planning ideas and tips to help you plan some really fun parties including some great themed party ideas that are easy and include party food ideas, party decoration ideas, and so much more!

Party planning is all about the event and who the party is for. The first thing we do when planning any party is ask questions and get to know the person and find out their style. Some parties are casual while others can be very formal. So in order to plan the perfect party you need to know what type of party best suits the occasion.

Once you've decided on whether to go formal or casual, it gets much easier from there. Choosing a theme is always fun and having one helps to pinpoint the other areas of the party.

Tips For Planning Your Best Party

Before the party

  • Decide on a budget - Just planning a party can be stressful enough, but there's nothing like going way over your budget to suck the fun out of it. By deciding in advance what is appropriate, you can be sure to find the best deals and relax while you are deciding on the party planning ideas you want.
  • Chaperones -If you feel like the party may need supervision, choose a few people to help out. It's not easy to manage a party without standing out like a sore thumb, but if there are a few people to help it can take the stress off having to be everywhere. Also, it's better to be prepared and have some extra help.
  • Location - Think about where you would like to have the party. In order to keep the expense down and keep it more intimate, it's a good idea to have it at home or a location like a park or beach.
  • Date and time - Choosing the date and the hours of the party make it easier to keep control over it. We don't recommend having an open ended end time. If you do, people may stay longer than you'd like.
  • Guest List - The guest list can be one of the areas where parents and teen can disagree so it's important to talk about this before the decision is made to actually have the party. If you are not comfortable having someone there, don't invite them.
  • Teenage party themes - This is the hardest part about throwing a party. Choosing a theme that works for the teenager is really the most important decision when coming up with party planning ideas. The difficult part is choosing from all the creative party theme ideas!
  • Party Invitation ideas - be sure to send the invitations with plenty of notice. If you are having a theme, you want your party invitation ideas to match the theme.
  • Party food ideas - The great thing about themed party ideas is you can choose the foods to be an extension of the theme. Having a Mexican fiesta? Choose the foods to compliment it. It's also a good idea to prepare anything you can in advance.
  • Party decoration ideas - Again, let the theme dictate how you decorate. This is where the budget can get out of control, so shop for only what you need and buy discount. You can get
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Party Planning Ideas

During & after the party

  • Guests - If you are having a backyard party or a party at the beach or park, keep track of your actual guests. We have heard so many stories about people crashing parties and eating the food. Just having some control over who is at the party is helpful in keeping things fun at teenage parties.
  • Music - As you know, having the best party music is very important for teenage parties. In order to make sure you have the perfect music, have your teen and their friends prepare it. That way they can have what they like whether it is popular music or dance party music.
  • Watch and listen - Having chaperones that don't pay attention is worthless, so be sure to just pay attention to what's going on. It doesn't mean you have to be in the middle of the activity, just keep your eyes open.
  • Clean up - This is what we all dread about having a party, isn't it? We always ask the teenager to have a friend or two stay and help with the clean up. It's not a good idea to let them off the hook and do it all. That sends the wrong message. Get the teens to pitch in.

It's not easy to throw a party, but we hope that these party planning ideas make it easier to plan all the teenage parties in your future!

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