Party Music That Rocks!

"Turn up the party music!"

It's time to start the party music!

One of the most popular theme parties are those with a fifties vibe where you can dress up in poodle skirts, saddle shoes or bowling shirts and leather jackets, and having the right atmosphere is what makes this so much fun.

So this means the right decorations for your Party Themes.

You will find costumes, invitations, decorations, props, and even some cool fifties candy!

But don't forget the most important part...think about it...

Have you ever been to a party without any music? Well, if you have, you probably felt bored, like it was all in slow motion or black and white TV. It just wasn't FUN!

We are here to help end the madness!

Okay, so you are having a celebration, and you want it to rock, right?


Well, you are in the right place cause we have the music that will get your party stared and keep it rockin all night long!

(Or until you turn it off so everyone will go home!)

 We know that music will make or break your bash!

Here's a great line up of fifties music for a cool fifties party...

Time to rock-n-roll!

Chuck Berry

Bill Haley

Little Richard

Jerry Lee Lewis

Elvis Presley

Frank Sinatra

Buddy Holly

Bobby Darin

You may not believe it now but the music from the fifties caused a bunch of trouble between adults and teenagers. The adults thought it was too loud and caused teens to lose control and the teens, for the very first time, heard their own stories of heartbreak and life as a teenager in the lyrics. 

The music spoke to them and that was all it took to get hooked. The songs were about them and the life they knew about. High school, hanging out at the diner after school, drive in movies and lovers lane.

What many people who were teenagers in the fifties remember most is that there were an awful lot of rules. There were rules for how to dress and do your hair, and rules for how late you could stay out and who you could date and there were even rules for how you had to dance.

So when the music started, everyone felt free for the first time and they loved it!

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