Peer Presure

by Brittany Gale

A life of lonely time hidden behind closed doors. My body is free to move where it pleases but I'm enclosed in the layers of my skin drowning in the words that I think but my body refuses to say.

I am enclosed within my heart and my head my voice is loud within but silenced on the outside. My fears are obstacles that are unobtainable.

My soul is dying with every breath my body bares. With each fake word I say my heart breaks a little more because, my true self is trapped in a deep space. The space within has no way out no windows or doors the walls are as thick as the walls around my heart keeping me from being me.

I scream but it is heard only within the room I am trapped in. The person keeping me here is me watching every word I say and every thing I do the person that makes me inferior is you.

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