Pirate-Party-Ideas -
Pirates of the Caribbean Inspired

Pirates of the Caribbean has inspired more pirate-party-ideas than any other theme. Especially for teens!

We all want the adventure of being a pirate, even if it's only for one great night and a reason to yell... Arrr!

Teens can have a great time becoming a pirate and all the creative party theme ideas that go with it. Whether it's for summer party ideas, sweet sixteen party ideas, or any teen birthday party ideas, this one is at the top of our list!

Let's talk about what we need to inspire our guests to be the best pirate they can be!

Pirate-Party-Ideas For Invitations

Pirate party invitation ideas should be creative and fun. We like party theme inspired invitations that focus on boats, water, gold teeth, parrots, message in the bottle...you get the idea!

We can always find great themed party supplies at great prices! We have it all sent right to us too! Saves time and money! Here is one we really like...

On the invitation, be sure to ask your guests to dress like a pirate. You can find some great pirate costumes or design your own!

And if you really want to get into the spirit, you can send a couple of pirate terms for them to learn! 

Entry Way

Fun pirate-party-ideas

When your guests enter your party you want them to get right into being a pirate, so start them off with some pirate speak!

Something like:

"Ahoy! Greetin's an' fair winds ahead!"

Then ask them to fill out a name-tag with their pirate name on it and their real name in the lower corner. All the guests should be called by their "pirate name".

Decorations & Party favors

Party decorations set the scene for the party and add so much to the party theme ideas. You don't have to go overboard (no pun intended!), but you do want the atmosphere to be all about pirates. Nautical items are always a great idea and do a great job of setting the scene!

We also like eye patches, mugs, gold teeth, and pirate flags. Anything that says pirates, is a good decoration and party favor.

Pirate Party Food

You probably don't want to eat what pirates really ate, but we have some great ideas for things they might have enjoyed! When we think pirate food we think finger foods. After all, pirates don't have the best manners!

Don't worry, you will like all of it. Here are some favorite pirate-party-ideas for easy food for parties:

  • Pigs in a blanket.
  • Chicken wings and drumsticks - regular and spicy.
  • Tacos - a taco bar is easy.
  • Slider burgers & fries.
  • Bread sticks & sauce.
  • Fruit salad.

You can have them printed with pirate sayings and even give them out to your guests...Arrr!

You can choose things like chocolate coins, bubble gum cigars and cigarettes, bottle caps, rock candy, and whatever other types of candies that fit the theme.

Pirate Games & Activities

Finding party game ideas for teens can be tough, and the Pirates of the Caribbean theme can bring on some challenges. 

Treasure Hunts

We love scavenger hunts too...or in the case of the pirate party, we call it a treasure hunt.

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Shiver me timbers!
Ye best have fun!

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