Rebuild Pyramid

by Danielle Martin
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

She used to be a pyramid but now she's a grain of sand. She used to be a hurricane and set the sails of a hundred ships, but now she's merely a gust of wind that barely rustles your hair.

She can't stand up for herself anymore - all he does has shut her down. What happened to her? A girl fiery and fun now dull and lifeless?

He's scared of the light that shines within her, the one that burns through her eyes.

So what he does is he beats her down until her flame doesn't shine anymore and is sitting, waiting for her to rediscover herself without him. To push him so far over the edge there's no chance for him to come back again.

She can't find her way out, her escape. He keeps calling her back with sweet smiles and smooth words, each one a lie to cut her down. It's like he can't get enough of her misery. And while it kills her it makes him feel good, the ultimate high.

Poor girl sits alone in her room crying and falling to pieces. Her life, as he's told her, has stopped revolving, her friends could care less if she lived or died. That's true because he said so. Right?

So with one final thought she decides to end it all. No more suffering no more hurt, no more him or anyone. And when her parents find her later that night, a rope tight around her pale neck, they wonder what could of made such a promising girl do this. She had good friends and a boyfriend, what every girl wants. They had no idea what he was doing to her. How he took a rock everyday from her pyramid and threw it at her, crumbling her walls.

But she never complained.
Never told anyone.
She couldn't get out.
Couldn't rebuild her pyramid.
Now....she's gone.

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