by binaliza marie beltran

Loving someone causes more happiness than someone could realize.

A feeling of everything, just like the sun that rises.

but as the sun rises it needs to set,
that cause too much pain and such regret.

I hate when I used to miss you.
I miss those times we spent, the things we loved to do.

Why did I break up with you?
A question that I asked, when I realized that I love you - it's true.

You have loved me right from the start,
but all I've done was to broke your heart.
and now I saw you happy with someone,
does it mean that you're feeling for me was gone?

I can't get you out of my mind,
Baby!!! it hurt that sometimes, I'd rather be blind.

Am I so called "desperate" if I'm still aiming for your love? The love I wish I had back.

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