Scary Movies


are a great way to really have a spooky Halloween night!

We love Halloween, but when you get to be too old for trick or treating, you have to find other ways to celebrate. Our favorite is, of course, getting together with some friends and scaring the heck out of each other while watching the latest in horror flicks. If you are looking for some scary Halloween party ideas for your big teen Halloween party.

Halloween parties are a great time for some scary Halloween party ideas!

Of course there is the gross food, eerie lighting and the teen Halloween costumes and masks and of course, the Halloween party music. That is all important stuff when throwing a Halloween party.

But what makes people jump out of their seats? Gives them a fright that lasts for a long, long time?

You guessed it,


There is nothing like getting cozy on the couch to watch a show, knowing that you are going to be terrorized by the action and circumstances of the characters in the movie.

Yeah, you will hide your eyes, you will scream, and you know you will love it!

So the question is, what are the best Halloween movies?

According to my survey, the top ten favorites, in no particular order are...  

Any of these movies would do for a night of sheer terror, but I have been researching this for some time, so I have put together a complete list of movies that include the best slasher flicks, all the cult classics, teen terror movies and more!

Just choose your favorites and be ready for a night of fright!

Get Great Halloween Decorations

Every celebration needs decorations, but there is nothing that can compare with the great stuff you can find for Halloween. Things like grave stones, spider webs and bugs are just the beginning. 

Why not try some that makes noise and lights up? Or follows you with their eyes? How about adding some glow in the dark creatures and bats? And don't forget the sound effects like creeping doors and low moans that will have your guests on the edge of their seats and waiting for something to jump out at them... Yes, you can do that too!

The options are endless and can add an extra layer of both fright and fun to any party!

We love Party Decorations and Favors at CoolGlow!

Happy Halloween!

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