Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts are a great activity for teens, and scavenger hunt ideas are all around us! Think about it, a scavenger hunt can be done anywhere, using just what the area offers us. So when your teen is looking for a great idea for their next rockin teen party, think about having a scavenger hunt!


Well, first of all, it will get them out moving around instead of letting the party be ruled by video games, and then there is the fun and friendly competition among peers. Oh, and you will laugh...a lot! 

We have put on many scavenger hunts and they are always a blast for everyone! We have some great, free scavenger hunt ideas here with everything you will need to put on a great scavenger hunt!

There are some decisions to make in order to plan a great scavenger hunt. So think about...

  • What size group will you have? a larger group may mean you need three or more teams. Each team should be around 8 to 10 people.
  • What level of difficulty do you want the hunt to be? 
  • Setting rules and making sure they are clear to all team members. Some ideas for rules are: 1) Setting a time limit. 2) Setting boundaries for the hunt. 3) How many team members per team. 4) The scavenger hunt list.

Here is our list of great scavenger hunt ideas!

The lists that go with each of these hunts is right here.

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt - Make a list of photos that each team must take. Remember to have at least one member of the team in each photo.
  • Neighborhood Hunt - Go around the neighborhood and collect the things on the list from your neighbors. Get a photo with the neighbor if possible for extra points.
  • Mall Hunt - A pretty simple hunt to organize with the list consisting of things you can find at any mall. Just let the teens know that their behavior must be very good or they could be kicked out! A real bummer for any hunt!
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt - This hunt consists of things that can be found outdoors. Parks are a great place to have this hunt.
  • City Scavenger Hunt - This hunt is best in a city that is not too spread out. Los Angeles would not be right for this type of hunt unless you scout out the area of the city first and be sure to set boundaries. Photo hunts are great for the city.
  • Restaurant Scavenger Hunt - This hunt consists of anything you might find in a restaurant. The list is big but you can break it down to bite sized pieces if it's too much.
  • Car Scavenger Hunt - You need a driver that will stay in the car and have your area mapped out for each team. This is like a town hunt, your list should consist of things you can find around town but all the teams travel in cars instead of on foot. This hunt is fun but you need a safe driver who will stay calm despite the team becoming frantic at not moving fast enough.

  • Internet Scavenger hunt
  • - The internet is a place where you can find just about anything. This hunt can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. It's great for all ages and teaches research skills as well as team building.

    Take some time to explore these scavenger hunt ideas for teens. Hosting Scavenger Hunts is a lot of fun, but it can be a lot of work as well. Preparation is the key and the better prepared you are the better the hunt will be. Be sure to let the guests know about the scavenger hunt ideas so they can wear appropriate clothing and shoes for a fast paced party!

    Don't forget to have prizes for the winners!

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