Scavenger Hunt List

The scavenger hunt list is key to really fun hunt! You can be as general or specific as you want and adding difficulty is easy, just get more specific with colors, sizes and textures!

To make your scavenger hunt really easy:

  • Design and lay out your hunt 
  • Run a hunt that is not just ordinary 
  • Create a scoring system and work out who has won 
  • Run a hunt suitable for any age group 
  • Take advantage of a wide variety of locations 
  • Be an organized party host 
  • Make sure all of your guests get involved and have a great time 

    When you're planning a hunt you will need a scavenger hunt list to go with the theme! Here are lists for several hunts! If you need additional lists, we also have holiday scavenger hunt lists! 

Scavenger Hunt List

Photo Scavenger Hunt List - Take photos of: 

* A gardener
* A grocery checker
* Team members in front of your school
* Cop with coffee and a donuts
* Team members at Burger King
* Team members on the playground
* Mail carrier
* Ice cream man
* Team members eating Pizza
* Fire Truck
* Team members inside a Volkswagen New Beetle
* McDonald's sign
* A skateboarder
* Team members with a dog
* Team in front of the movie theater
* Basketball game
* A rose
* Team with the librarian
* Team members in front of Sears
* car getting gas
* A horse 

Neighborhood Hunt List - Collect items and get photo with the neighbor for extra points! 

* Printer Cartridge
* Straw
* Chinese take out menu
* Movie ticket stub
* Envelope
* White napkin
* Soda can
* Matches
* Black pen
* 1972 penny
* Canned vegetable
* postcard
* Magnet
* Grocery coupon
* Rubber band
* Funnies from newspaper

Mall Scavenger Hunt List - Collect items

* Job Application
* Store receipt
* Hanger
* Mall Map
* Paper Clip
* Gift card envelope
* Food court menu
* Store sale sign
* Pencil
* Baby shower registry printout
* Shopping bag
* French fry
* Name tag
* Gift box
* Food samples
* Business cards (3)
* Food wrapper with logo
* Straw
* Thread

Nature Scavenger Hunt List

* Leaf
* Acorn
* Nail
* Tree bark
* Flower
* A Three-Leaf Clover
* A twig
* Mushroom
* A rock
* Pine cone
* Feather
* Snail
* Grass

City Hunt List

* Photo of team from the highest point in the city
* Photo of courthouse
* Stamp
* Bus ticket
* Mc Donald's cup
* Photo of team with two police officers
* Newspaper
* Photo of team in cemetery
* Brochure from museum
* Photo of historic building
* Ticket from subway
* Token
* Photo of graffiti
* A signature from the mayor
* Menu from a pizza place
* Photo of team with a cab driver
* Photo with an employee at the art museum
* Get Library card
* Get chop sticks

Restaurant Scavenger Hunt List

* Menus from five restaurants
* Plasic fork
* Napkin with logo
* Recipe from a restaurant
* Fortune cookie
* Disposable toilet seat cover
* Chop sticks
* Bread stick
* Plastic spoon
* Paper plate
* Slice of pizza
* Cookie
* Restaurant coupon
* French fry
* Autograph from the chef
* Photo of team with a waiter/waitress

Car Hunt List

* A change of address card from the post-office
* Photo of team on spiral staircase
* Subway menu
* Photo of a pizza with team
* Map
* Library card
* photo of high school
* A team member hugging a stranger
* Soda can
* Photo of someone walking a dog
* Photo of team with a police officer
* Movie ticket
* Job application
* The nutritional value chart for McDonald's food
* Photo of a fire truck
* Photo of team in front of starbucks
* French fries container
* Bank deposit envelope
* Photo of a bakery worker
* High five a cashier in a store
* Hanger
* Business card

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