Host a Spa Party in Your     Own Home

"There is a new way to have fun with your friends. Have a spa party"

This article is by Linda M. McCloud

We all have been to those birthday parties, bridal parties, baby showers, and even some Tupper ware parties. It is nice getting together with friends. But sometimes you must admit that those parties tend to become tedious and you don't always look forward to attending them. So how about something new? How about planning a spa party.

This article is about how you can plan a beauty day with your friends for a fraction of the cost as a day at the spa!

Read on for some terrific advice and information on how you can create your own spa party!

Women and girls everywhere loves to pamper themselves. But not all of us are lucky enough to be able to afford to go to those fancy spas. But most of us can afford to host a party at our own house. Here are some great spa party ideas.

Now if you have the money, you can do it up fancy. Instead of hosting it at your house, you could rent out a spa for a day or have one of those mobile planners to come to your house. If your budget can't afford that much, maybe you could check with a massage therapist and see how much she/he would cost to come to your house. But if that isn't in your budget either, don't worry you can still throw a great party.

Spa parties and slumber party ideas go together for pre teen and teens alike. Teen party themes are very popular, and any teenage party ideas can be turned into fun & creative party theme ideas.

First, decide who to invite. You should invite some of your crafty friends. They may even want to help you. After you have your guest list, start making the calls. When you are calling to invite your friends, ask them if they can bring some of their favorite lotions, perfumes, or better yet recipes and ingredients of home-made treatments that can be made at your house.

Spa Party Favorites

A favorite of mine is a cranberry lip balm. It's easy to make and so delicious!

You will need, one tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 10 fresh cranberries (you can even defrost some frozen ones) one teaspoon of honey and a drop of vitamin E oil. Combine all of this in a microwave safe bowl, microwave for about 2 minutes. Stir well. Then crush your berries. Let cool for about 5 minutes, strain the mixture to remove all the fruit pieces. Stir again, set aside. When it is completely cool you can put in into tins and give as party favors. Your guests may be impressed. After you have gathered all your ingredients and made sure your kitchen is clean, it is time to set the atmosphere for your party.

Light candles and place them all over the areas of the house your guests will be occupying. Use different sizes and make sure all the scents go together well. Play some background music, something light and soothing. Place a bouquet or two of fresh flowers out in pretty vases.

Make sure you have plenty of freshly washed robes, towels and washcloths.

You should also set aside a table or two for your guests to place all their supplies. And make sure you have your supplies ready, too.

Put out some of your favorite lotions, bath products, etc. Don't forget the manicure and pedicure supplies, too. You should also have lots of tissues and cotton balls on hand.

Then right before the guests arrive, put out some refreshments. You will want to stick with light stuff. Crackers and cheese. Chilled bottled water. Lemonade, juices and teas. You might even want to splurge on some light wines, depending on the tastes of your guests. Then when your guests starts arriving, you all can talk and decide who thinks they are good at what type of job. If possible see if you and your guests are able to give each other, manicures and pedicures, facials, makeovers with make up, and possibly even massages. Take turns and have fun.

Keep things simple. Don't try for perfection. And don't forget this is suppose to be a party.

By the end of the night, I am sure that everyone will have learned something and that everyone will say they had fun.

Article by by Linda M. McCloud

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