Summer Party Ideas..
Fun in the Sun!

Summer party ideas are here!

Ahhh, summer time! There is no better time to have a party and we have some great summer party ideas to help you plan your best summer parties!

Summertime...everyone looks forward to it. Being outside in the hot sun, the beach, hanging out with friends, and of course summer cookouts and warm nights. Summer is a great time to get creative and it provides great party ideas for teens.

So, what do you need to throw a great summer party?

  • Choose a party theme
  • Have some great party music
  • Try some summer party menu ideas
  • Get creative with your party invitations
  • Plan some fun party games
  • Buy the coolest Party Supplies
  • Invite fun people 

Summer Party Ideas & Themes

There are some great summer party ideas and themes, and we will continue to add great party ideas for teens here. Have fun in the sun and enjoy your summer parties!

4th of July Party Ideas

Beach party ideas

Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

Pool Party Ideas

Party Music

There is all kinds of party music, and we know teens have their favorites. One of the best ideas for having the right music is for them to make their own CD's. But some themes have to have the music specifically for that theme.


1950's Music

Rock n Roll

Party Menu Ideas

Party food is one of the most important ingredients at a teenage party and it's important to keep your party menu ideas simple and fun. Teens don't want anything complicated, so don't stress.

Things like wings, pizza, subs, and chips are perfect.  

Party food ideas

Let them eat cupcakes

Cake decorating 

Party games

Party games are an important part of teen parties and they need to be fun. Of course teens are too old for kiddie games so be sure to find some fun, suitable options. Better yet, let them pick out a few games of their choice!

Teen party games

Tell us your favorite games

Famous Beach Movies Trivia

Beach Party Gift Exchange Game

Party decorating ideas

Party decorations make the party and you want to have good ones that go with your party theme ideas. You can get some great deals on-line so be sure to shop around. 

party decoration ideas

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