Super Bowl Party Ideas
For Teens

Another Reason to Have a Party!

Are you ready for some football? Coming up with super bowl party ideas for teens can be so much fun! 

Teens like watching the game but when there is a party going on, they want to make the most of it and have some additional activities planned as well. And of course, some great party food ideas can't hurt either!

That's where we come in. Stick around to getl party ideas that will have you winning!

Let's list what you will need for an amazing party.

  • Football invitations
  • Plates, cups, napkins, & utensils
  • Party decoration ideas = football decorations
  • Wear your favorite teams jersey
  • Appetizers
  • Party menu ideas
  • Deserts 
  • Party game ideas

  • Super Bowl Party Ideas


    When you are having a party, your invitation sets the theme and gets your guests psyched about what is to come, so you want to be sure you get your message out clearly which not only involves choosing the right invitation, but also letting your guests know what their part is.

    For a super bowl party that might include wearing a football jersey, specific colors or maybe bringing a favorite appetizer or dessert.

    Football Decorations

    We all know that having great party decorations can make a party much more festive and preparing for your super bowl party will be no different. There are so many creative party decoration ideas for football parties so have fun while choosing your favorites.

    You will want to get plates, cups, napkins, utensils, table cloth, balloons, ribbon, streamers and more! 

    Dress For Success

    Everyone loves to get into the super bowl and one of our best party ideas is to dress the part! It's always exciting having your team in the game and wearing your football jersey but you won't always be so lucky to have your team in the game, but it's fun to dress the part anyway.

    Okay, maybe you don't have a jersey yet, or don't really have a favorite team...

    You can also find jerseys at your local sports shops but just compare prices before you buy. Jerseys can be expensive so making sure you get the best deal is important. And if you don't have a team, just pick a jersey you like!


    One of the best parts of a super bowl party is the food! The great thing about it is you can get creative and have some foods that are easy and fun.

    Here are some favorites for teens:

    • Pigs in a blanket with mustard
    • Chicken wings
    • Potato Skins
    • Mozzarella cheese sticks
    • Nachos
    • Chocolate fondue
    • Potato chips & Onion dip
    • Large soft pretzels & mustard
    • Fruit Platter with yogurt dip
    • Cream cheese puffs
    • Mini muffins

    Party Food Ideas

    Having a good variety of food will keep the guests from getting restless. Along with appetizers you will want to have some more substantial foods available. The best ideas are usually fairly simple and an important part of your super bowl party ideas.

    Here are some all time favorites.

    • Pizza
    • Bread sticks
    • Sub sandwiches
    • Mini burgers
    • Taco bar
    • Hot dogs
    • Chili & salad
    • Mac n cheese


    Deserts are usually a favorite for teen parties and having just a few really great things can be key.

    Here are some great party food ideas that will have your guests smiling!

    • Brownies
    • Ice cream
    • Cupcakes
    • Assorted mini cheesecakes
    • Big chocolate chip cookies
    • Fudge
    • Doughnuts
    • Ice cream sundae bar with candies, cakes & brownies

    Here are a couple of books we like for teen chefs as well with a variety of great recipes you can add to your super bowl party ideas!


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