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Survivor party ideas are here!

Okay, as we know, Survivor is and has been an extremely popular show. Why? Well, it could be the challenge of the game, or maybe we just love to watch others claw their way to the top! But no matter why you watch, you have to admit, you love it! Talk about creative party theme ideas that can get crazy...this is the one that you can really have fun with.

Will you be the next survivor?

The rules of this game are simple:

Your average Joe's and Joan's are popped right in the middle of some of the most merciless places on earth. Sound good so far, huh?

Then they are divided into teams and are required to participate in challenges and every three days, the losing tribe must trek to Tribal Council to vote off one of their own. A real bonding experience I would say...yeah, right!

Then about halfway through, the game changes and the challenges shift to individual competitions when the tribes merge and become one. Now the game is every contestant for themselves and it gets pretty cut throat, as I am sure you understand.

Why would anyone want to do this???

Basically, the goal becomes to outlast the others by thinking smarter, and doing whatever it takes to win immunity which means not being eligible to have votes cast against yourself.

But be careful who you eliminate, because a jury of previously voted out contestants begins to form, and each week they return to watch the Tribal Council ceremony. At the end of the game, they vote for one of the members in the finals to win one million dollars and become the next Survivor!

Sounds challenging doesn't it? Well, it is and everyone is watching the show to see who it will be.

This is a really fun theme if you do it right.

This theme has become very popular due to all the gross stuff the survivor contestants have to do to win. And let's not forget, a big reason is because as we know, most reality shows seem to do something else for those who participate, they provide the opportunity for to be a star!

There are a lot of survivor party ideas to work with...

So, I just have one question, is your teen ready to be the next Survivor?

Okay, so we're clear on the shows purpose? Check out these survivor party ideas! Your teen will love it!

Let's Go!


There are so many party invitation ideas but our favorite is some type of Hawaiian invitation and write in it...

You are invited to the island of _______________ where you will compete to be the next Survivor

Attire: Hawaiian clothing and sneakers

***If you really want the teams to bond, have T-shirts made with their tribal names on them in different colors!***

This is what you will need - tweak as needed.


Party decoration ideas are so much fun and make party themes really stand out! So for this, you may want to make an Survivor sign and hang it at the front door. Also, you might want to line your walkway with tiki torches and palm trees.

You should set the tone right from the start, and have an exotic feel to it. Decorating with raffia and bamboo is always a winner! But don't forget the talking parrot and flamingos!

When your Guests Arrive

Welcome them to your island (Think of a really good island name)...

Have tribal or luau party music playing in the background, and hand out a couple of leis as they enter. You'll want to give each guest a tribal name like snakebite or wolf and assign them to their tribes. (you should have this all worked out before the guests arrive.)

It is also a good idea to have someone to keep score and someone else to run the challenges.

You wouldn't want any cheating!

Now for the competitions!

In the show they call them Immunity Challenges, so that's what we are going to call them too!

Here are a few survivor party ideas, but let your teen come up with some. I'd bet they have the best ideas!

  • A gummy worm eating contest - You have gummy worms in bowls of chocolate pudding, and you can't use your hands! Get the picture? The person who finds and eats all their worms wins! This one is my absolute favorite! The visual will tell you why!
  • have a limbo contest - This is always really fun. See how low you can go!
  • A belly dancing contest - Don't laugh too hard, but make sure your video taping this for hours of fun after the party is over!
  • Relay races - they are always a blast, especially if they involve eggs, water balloons or whip cream.
  • Tug of war - the tribes find out who is really fit and strong.
  • Treasure Hunt - the tribes hunt for items on the list from around your neighborhood.


  • Plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, knives - If you can find plates that have wild animals on them, they go over very well, otherwise go with an islands theme!
  • Napkins - Islands, palm trees or tropical
  • Cups - go tropical all the way! Coconut cups and little drink umbrellas are very cool
  • Balloons
  • Signs or Banners
  • party food
  • Tropical drinks - Hawaiian punch + 7- up is yummy!
  • Survivor cake

Party Favors

  • Personalized CD's for each guest can be your party Favors. Have your teen make these, they will really have a great time choosing the songs!
  • inflatable parrots
  • personalized cameras
  • Bag of gummy bugs or gummy worms
  • Trophy Statue

Survivor Party Ideas to Consider

You will want to have the party set outside in your back yard if possible, and have it decorated with the islands theme. Lights, tiki torches, inflatable flamingos, tropical flowers and of course...Jimmy Buffet singing in the background! You might even want to have a karaoke contest!

Party Food

A buffet is an easy way to have lots of fun foods available. You might want to have:

  • Fresh fruits like bananas, pineapple, melons and strawberries.
  • Barbecue chicken
  • potato and macaroni salad
  • Burgers and dogs
  • Macadamia nuts 
  • Clam chowder
  • Chocolate pudding -with gummy worms, of course!

Do you have to use all of these survivor party ideas? Absolutely not! But this can be so much fun if you have a good group of teens who will want to participate! So, go for it!

Have Fun & Good Luck!

Will you be the next


Get Inspired

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