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Sweet 16 decorations for a fabulous birthday bash!

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A sweet sixteen party is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so do it up right! These sweet 16 decorations will make it a party to remember!

For many girls, turning sixteen and celebrating that with a party is a big deal. Most consider it to be second, only to their wedding day! So, when planning, you want to do it right!

Sweet 16 party ideas are all about teen party dresses, theme party ideas for teenagers, creative party food ideas, dance party music, sweet 16 party favors, and of course, party decoration ideas.

In order to plan a great party without breaking the bank, I have researched the best sweet 16 party decorations for you, at the lowest prices I could find!

Sweet 16 Invitations and Thank You Notes

When planning your party, the invitations are just the beginning. If you are going with a themed party, try to have your invitations match the theme. This helps your guests to understand the type of party you will be having. No theme, no problem. Just pick something that fits your personality!

Sweet 16 Decorations

In the same line as the invitations, the decorations are easier to choose when you are having a party with a specific theme. For example, if you are going with a fairy tale theme, you decorations will be aligned with that theme. It does help in planning but sometimes a theme just isn't your thing, so again, go with decor that you love and it will be perfect.

Sweet 16 Party Sets

Starting with a party set can help to flesh out the decor and color scheme of the party and make planning pretty easy.

Sweet 16 Party Favors

We love great party favors and there are no better choices than the ones out there for a this special year. So many companies are doing really creative and fun favors, it will be tough to keep it under control.

Sweet 16 Gifts

We only turn sixteen once and the gifts that the special girl receives will really mean a lot. We hear so much about how jewelry is the number one gift that is in the heart of almost every birthday girl (well, after a car that is!) and since they are sixteen, it can be a chance to show her how grown up she is. 

What ever type of party you decide on, we hope you have a wonderful day! 

If You'd like to see some ideas on party themes, we've got you covered!

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