Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

When planning a sweet 16th party, you need sweet sixteen party ideas for a party to remember!

Themed parties are hot and when having a sweet 16, there are so many great themed party ideas to choose from! So, when deciding what type of party to have consider a few things like:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Formal/informal
  • Party invitation ideas
  • Guest list
  • Party menu ideas
  • Party decoration ideas
  • Sweet 16 party favors
  • Party game ideas
  • Party music ideas

One thing that is a good idea to do is ask your teen for some ideas. After all, some teens feel self-conscious about having a formal party. We just went through this. The big problem was who to ask and who not to ask. You don’t want anyone to feel left out. 

Some teens can’t wait for there sweet 16 and others just don’t even want to acknowledge it at all. 

So what do you do? Let the about-to-be sixteen make the decision. After all teenage parties can be stressful, so why not let them come up with ideas for birthday parties that will make them happy?

We have some great ideas to get you organized and some links to some great suppliers when you are ready to put things in motion, but some decisions should be made before you start ordering anything. Ready?

We always choose our theme first! Along with the themes we have on this site, there are a few that are really great for sweet sixteen parties. 

  • Toga Party - this is one party theme idea that is making a comeback. As a greek style party, one that is popular with college fraternities, is so much fun and easy too! All you need is a sheet to make your toga, some sandals, music, and good greek food.

  • Murder Mystery Party - if your teen and their friends like to "ham it up" then a Murder Mystery party is the one of the most perfect sweet sixteen party ideas. The game comes in a kit which makes it very easy! 

Downloadable Las Vegas Murder Mystery Party Kit

The Captain Morgan Mystery - pirate treasure and Mayan gold

Downloadable Birthday Murder Mystery Party Kit

1940s Classic Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

Murder mystery kits are a perfect choice for your sweet 16!

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