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The Best Video Games

Teenage party games are popular. And we know which kind of games rule. Video console games have been the most popular games for many years. Ask a teen about their favorite games and you will hear a variety of answers, but almost every time it will be one of the many video games.

Most households have at least one video game console but most have more than one. With two teens in the house we have:

  • A Nintendo Wii .

  • Xbox 360 & games.

  • Game boy and game boy color and games.

  • Nintendo 64 and too many games.

  • PS2 and games for the PS2.


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    Last week we had a birthday party for my teenage son and decide to make it a gaming party. We set up the Wii, the Xbox, and the Nintendo 64 in different stations and then had a table where the PS2 players could play.

    We also decided to try a flight simulator. It was the most popular game at the party, even the girls loved it! It turned out to be one of our best themed party ideas for older teen boys and it was a great party!

    While all the gaming was going on, I had a chance to ask all these hard core gamers about some of the best games out now, and those that are coming out this year. Here is what they told me.

    The Top Video Games

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns [With Poster]

  • Nintendo Wii at BestBuy.com.

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Xbox 360

  • Super Smash Bros Brawl - Nintendo Wii

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Nintendo Wii

    Now, the teenage party games listed here were among the favorites of this group of teens and they are all over eighteen, so if you have younger teens, you might want to choose other, more suitable games.

    Another teenage party game that I found is very popular is the World of Warcraft game. My son and his friends play this for hours and are always looking for ways to get ahead. If you play, you understand. They found a few guides and websites and wanted me to write about them and show you how to get them as well, so here are a few links to the guides and sites they like best.

    I will be adding more birthday party games here but if you happen to have some favorite games we want to hear from you! You can post your favorites on our teen party games page.

    Visit cool-party-games.com to throw an awesome party with these cool party games that your guest will always remember. Exciting party games for the older generation as well as the young.

    Please share your favorites and if you have any gaming tips, let us know!

    Teen party games should be fun and work for the type of party your having but it's not always easy coming up with fun party ideas for teens. If you'd like some party game ideas, you might want to ask your teens for some ideas.

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