Teen Halloween Party Budget Planner

Teen Halloween Party Budget Planner

This list should help you plan your party and stay organized while keeping you within your budget.

Just use what you need!

________ Invitations
________ Decorations
________ Games
________ Entertainment
________ Costume

________ Video Camera
________ Film
________ Camera

________ Food
________ Candy
________ Beverages
________ Caterer
________ Deserts
________ Party Favors
________ Plates, napkins, utensils
________ Prizes

________ _______________________
________ _______________________
________ _______________________
________ _______________________
________ _______________________

________ _______________________
________ _______________________
________ _______________________
________ _______________________
________ _______________________

$________ Cost

There are many parents who are afraid to throw a teen party because of what could happen. But have no fear! When you plan well, things go right!

It's all about putting a list together of:

  • Creative party theme ideas
  • party food ideas
  • Party favor ideas
  • Cake decorating ideas
  • Halloween party decorating ideas
  • Scary Halloween movies
  • Halloween party games & ideas

  • When your having a party, you want the party supplies

    to match your party themes.

    We get our supplies at Celebrate Express, you can save 10% on $65 or more at CelebrateExpress.com

    and they have party supplies for every kind of party...Halloween costumes too!

    We also like buy costumes, they also have a great selection of costumes, over 10,000 Costumes and party supplies

    for all ages.

    Here are some great reasons you will want to throw a rockin-teen-party for your teens!

    • Planning and executing a party with your teen is a bonding process. Have fun planning together but remember, it's their party so be flexible.

    • Do you know all your teens friends? This is a great opportunity to meet them!

    • Let your teen take some responsibility, it's a great way to teach about planning, money and mutual respect.

    • This is a great time to teach your teens not to sweat the small stuff! A good sense of humor and ability to laugh is important!


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