Teen Party Games

Teen Party Games

We all know that a theme party is the way to go. But are there any teen party games specifically for different themes?

You bet there are!

This is the place to look if you are trying to find teenage party games to play at your rockin theme party!

Are all the games listed for a certain theme? No way! If we did that, we wouldn't be able to add some games that are great for any party, even one with a theme, and that would be bad!

This list is always growing so come visit us often. Oh, and if you have any great birthday party games, slumber party games, Halloween games for teens, party theme games, or any type of teen party games, we'd love to hear from you!

You can fill out the form on the your game ideas page and tell us everything we need to know to play your game!

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Now, let the teen party games begin!

Let's talk teen party games!

Teen party games for a 50's theme party

Or any other party music themed party!

***You can make any of these games work for your theme by tweaking a few things. Keep in mind the theme of your party. The music, decor, clothing, and anything else that is specific to your theme and use what works.

Most of all, have fun!

So, you think you can shag?

This is a blast! If you have done the theme party right, you and your guests are dressed in fifties clothes and your place is decorated real fine! You can find 50's Costumes

and accessories too!

Now all you need is some music!

This is a dance off like they used to do in the fifties.

Did you see the Happy Days episode where Fonzie, Richie, Potsie and Ralph were in the dance contest? I can't remember what it was called but they danced all night until they dropped! Really!

That's what this party will be like but with a few changes in the rules.

It's best to have someone in charge of the music for this one!

Okay, here is how it works...

  • Plan for several dance offs and give prizes for best couples dancing, best dance moves, most creative, or most imaginative.

  • Contestants dance for as long as they can until the music stops. And if they stop while the music is still playing they are disqualified.

  • Have a few people to watch for guests that stop dancing and have them hold up signs that say "You Are Out!" They should be keeping track of the dance contestants.

  • The last few people on the dance floor are the winners.

Easy, but so much fun!

Lip Sync Contest

This teen party game is always fun!

Here's how it works...

  • You will need a Karaoke Machine, or CD Player and someone to act as your DJ.

  • If there is some great music that goes with your theme use it. Be sure to have a good supply of songs.

  • Have a few judges, I like to have three. The judges should have whiteboards to put their scores on and score each act.

  • Start the music and be entertained!

Jonas Brothers Jeopardy

My teen daughter just told me about this one. I hear it is a big hit for all girl parties! I guess they voted it the Bestof all the girls teen party games.

This is how it works...

You have your daughter do some research on each brother. Have her gather facts about each one individually, like hobbies and some things that would be true for all of them like where they live. You can also add stuff about their parents if you'd like.

The main focus will be Kevin, Joe and Nick of course!

You get a poster board and put a picture of each brother, and a group photo and maybe one of their parents like this...

Your daughter, or you if you want it to be a surprise, write out questions on index cards and the amount the question is worth on the opposite side.

Put the answers on the board in the correct place and play...

Jonas Brother Jeopardy!


Jonas Brothers stuff, of course!

Here are a few favorites!

Jonas Brothers 2011 Wall Calendar

Your girls will love you for this one! I promise!

Interested in having your party in the Jonas brothers theme?

Take a look at the Jonas Brothers invitations!

Truth or Dare...but better!

You will need balloons and small squares of paper for this.

Here's how it works...

***If you are having a lot of guests you'll need more balloons. Figure five per person.

  • Divide balloons so you have an equal amount of truth and dare balloons.

  • Write truth questions out and put one question in each balloon and blow up the balloon and write in permanent marker, "truth" on the balloon. Then do the same for the "dare" balloons. Put one dare question in each dare balloon.

  • Put them in a pile and have someone go first. Whatever balloon they take, they have to keep, and figure out a way to pop the balloon without a pin and do what it says!

This is really easy but you will laugh so hard!

This game can be used to play trivia games as well. It's just so much more fun!

Ping Pong Ball Race

This teen party game is a blast! We just did this again and it was so much fun for both the guys and the girls!

Here's how it works...

You'll need:

  • Two ping pong balls (or more)
  • Straws - (one for each player)
  • Tape
  • A ref

You will have to make your race track. You can do this by putting tape down the center of a long table or you can do it on the floor, which creates an additional challenge for the racers.

  • Divide the teens into two teams
  • Each team member gets a straw
  • Each team gets a side of the track

When the ref says "go", the first person on each team blows into their straw which is making the ping pong ball roll towards the finish line.

* If a ball goes outside the track that player must start over. * If the ball falls off the table, that player must start over.

Each player on the team has a turn and whatever team finishes first wins!

* This is like a relay race and can be done with music as well to add to the fun!

Popular Music Charades

With the teenagers always having an ipod attached to their ears, we thought this would be fun so we did this at a sweet 16 birthday party and it was a big hit with all the teens!

Here's how it works...

  • You have your teen put song titles of the music that is popular for them on small squares of paper and put them on a hat.

  • Now have them put songs they remember from when they were little and put those in another hat. (This is a backup, soon to be explained.)

  • Divide the teens into two teams.

  • Have a score keeper

  • Now, it's like charades. But if a team member picks a song from the pop tunes and doesn't want to act it out, they have a choice to either lose a turn for their team or choose a song from the Kid song hat and act it out. If they choose this option, they MUST do it!

  • The team that guesses the most songs wins!

Spin The Bottle

I Know, I know! I wasn't going to add this one but my 14 year old daughter insisted on it, she says this is one of the most popular teen party games. When I inquired as to what theme this game might work with, she gave me "the look", yes, that look! and informed me that this game went with every theme!

How can I argue with that...it's true!

So, if you have been under a rock your whole life, or have never had a chance to play...??? It's okay to admit it! At least to yourself, ha, ha! I know your smiling!

Here's how it works...

  • You will need a coca cola bottle. (Yes, like the ones we had when we were kids. * or some other bottle with some spin action to it.)

  • Two bowls

  • Small squares of paper and a pencil

  • write each teens name on a piece of paper. Put all the boys names in one bowl and the girls names in the other bowl.

  • All the kids sit in a circle with the bottle and two bowls in the middle.

Choose someone to spin the bottle, starting with the person throwing the party. If the person spinning is a girl and it lands on a girl, she picks a name from the boys bowl and vice versa.

They stand in the middle of the circle and kiss. Okay, you can have them hug, no one should object to that! But they only have five seconds, if they don't hug in five seconds then they then they have to kiss!

So, if the teens are not hugging, we will all know that they want to kiss!

If they do nothing...they will be teased for much too long. Kids can be brutal!

Remember, some kids are shy, To keep this one fun, it should be optional!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are making a comeback!


Because they are awesome! And a new favorite of all the teen party games!

Here's how it works...

Players or teams are usually assigned a list of things to find that are hidden around the house, in the backyard, in the neighborhood or in some cases....around town!

Some of the most popular hunts are:

  • On the Beach
  • Around the town Hunt
  • Photo Hunt
  • Mall Hunts
  • Neighborhood Hunts
  • Girls vs. Boys Hunt
  • Amazing Race Hunt
  • Glow in the dark
  • Holiday Hunts
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Theme Hunts
  • Alphabet Hunt
  • Nature Hunt

When planning a scavenger hunt, don't limit your ideas. I have planned one kind of hunt, and after ironing out details and lists, found it would work better as another kind of hunt!

Remember...it's suppose to be fun!

If you really want to get serious about having a really great hunt, check out  our  scavenger hunt party page!

You will find the best ideas with all the details!

Who's Your Dream Date

We all know teens start to go boy/girl crazy before we want, but what can you do?

Make a game out of it!

This is how it works...

Your guests sit down in a circle with a pad of paper each, and a pen or pencil.

You have three female teen stars photos up on a wall and do the same with three male teen stars...like the kids from High School Musical for example. and ask each teen at the party to choose their "dream date" and draw them!

The guest with the best looking dream date wins!

Who Survived?

Do you like mysteries? Well, this may be one of the teen party games to play! But it's a silent game, so keep that in mind if you decide to give it a try.

First select a speaker. The speaker asks all of the other players sit in a circle and close their eyes. She/he then taps three random people on the head:

  • once for murderer,
  • twice for angel, and
  • three times for detective.

It's very important that the group continues to keep their eyes shut!

The speaker has everyone close their eyes. Then the speaker will say, "Murderer awaken." Only the murderer opens their eyes. "Who would you like to kill?". The murderer points to any person in the circle, and then closes his eyes.

Then the speaker says, "Angel, awaken - who would you like to save?" and the angel opens their eyes and does the same thing, pointing to any person in the circle that he would like to save.

The speaker then says, "Detective, awaken - who would you like to suspect?".

Then everyone opens their eyes.

  • If the murderer killed a person, that person is now dead and is not part of the next round.

  • However, if the angel saved the person who the murderer was trying to kill, they are saved and are not killed.

  • When the detective suspects the correct murderer, he wins the game, but not if the murderer can kill him first.

This is a great game to play with dim lights and spooky music!

*The way we play, if anyone opens their eyes when they are not suppose to is out!

Black Light Wii Bowling

Some teen party games become a favorite, this is one of them!

We all love to bowl, don't we? Well, here's a new twist on Wii bowling that you are going to love!

What you need:

  • A Wii
  • The Wii bowling game (on Wii sports)
  • A black-light
  • Fun people (a must!)

This one is easy if you've ever played Wii bowling!

All you need to do is turn off the lights and put a black-light bulb in. Set up Wii bowling, and have a blast!

Teens are always going bowling , so why not put this on your teen party games list?

What could be easier or more fun?

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