That Broken Heart

by Sabine

When I was asked about you,
I did not know what to say
That my heart is actually beating for you?
Or that you’re the reason I sway?

Then I opened my eyes, to things I couldn’t see
To things I did not want to feel
And after I did, I realized that yes,
For you, my feelings are true and real

I don’t know where to start from,
When did I start to love you?
Was it since our stupid Romeo & Juliet scene,
Or has it been from the very beginning?

I only hoped for you to realize,
To see my love for you
Until you sent me this one song
That lifted my hopes and made me fly,
Fly way up high

Since then I had a dream,
A dream that I will be yours, and I will have you only for me.
Soon enough that dream shattered
When you did not know if you meant that song for real

That broken dream soon broke my heart
And I wish there is something that I can do
Yet what only seems reasonable to my heart,
Is to stay that way and wait for you

I don’t know how it is for you,
Neither do I know if you think the same way
Yes, a heart was broken that day
But that broken heart chose with you to stay.

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