Themed Party Ideas
For A Party That Rocks!

When you want to have a great party, think themed party ideas for more entertainment than you thought possible! Having a party is fun but there is nothing more fun than having a themed party!

Why? Because party themes get everyone involved and there are so many to choose from!

Between the party decoration ideas

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We like themed party ideas because once you have teen party themes, the rest of the planning falls into place. A theme just makes choosing decorations, party menu ideas, music, and games much easier. We have listed our favorite and most popular teen party themes!

If you have any party ideas you'd like to share, we would love to hear from you! When you send us your themed party ideas we will post them on your own page on this site! Be sure to include your name and all the details!

Disco Party

Disco lives! The 1980's was all about the disco ball and dancing! So, if you are planning a disco party, the costumes and music are key.

like wigs, halter tops, disco dresses, platform shoes, bell bottoms, and satin shirts.

The disco music is really important too! Check out our favorites.

  • Saturday Night Fever 
  • The Best of KC & the Sunshine Band
  • Disco Music: The Greatest Disco Anthology Ever
  • The Disco Years, Vol. 5: Must Be the Music
  • Disco Nights, Vol. 2: The Best of Disco Funk
  • Disco Fever
  • We have a lot more information about the disco theme on our disco party page.

    1950s Rock n Roll Party

    The fifties was a carefree time when the fashion for girls was poodle skirts, tight sweaters with bobby socks and saddle shoes, and the guys wore tight, cuffed jeans with tight white t-shirts and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in their sleeve. If you add the cigarette pack, make them candy cigarettes.

    But don't let the fashion of the fifties fool you, it wasn't just about the clothes, although they are an important part of this theme, but it was the music that took center stage! And not just any was rock n roll and teens lived and died by it.

    This is one of the most popular themed party ideas because it is so much fun! Between the diner style food, the 50's costumes, and the rock n roll, it's impossible NOT to have a great time at this party!  

    The music is the most important part of this party so we recommend:

    • The Ultimate Rock & Roll Collection: The 50's
  • 30 #1 Country Hits Of The 1950s
  • Fabulous Vocal Groups Of The '50s
  • Top Hits of the 50s: Fabulous Hits
  • The Fabulous 50s: Romantic Moments
  • Fabulous 50s: Personality
  • Take a look at more rock n roll party ideas here. Get your record player warmed up, and get ready to dance!

    Murder Mystery Parties

    Murder mystery parties have become very popular for those teens who love to solve the case!

    It's important to think about is who to invite. You want friends who will really get into their character and have a good time with it!

    The host, as well as all of the guests take on a roll or character. One of the guests is the murderer, and it is his/her job to conceal that as long as possible. The rest of you are trying to find out who did it!

    The great thing about this theme is that you can buy a How to host a murder game and once you read through the directions you can decide on your party decoration ideas, party food ideas, and find the perfect teen costumes to go with the theme.

    Our favorite murder mystery games are:

    The Captain Morgan Mystery - pirate treasure and Mayan gold

    Downloadable Alaska Murder Mystery Party Kit

    Downloadable Birthday Murder Mystery Party Kit

    Downloadable Art Gallery Murder Mystery Party Kit

    Downloadable Al Capone Murder Mystery Party Kit

    They come with everything you will need to have a great murder mystery!

    1970s Party

    The 1970s is all about flower power and peace, love, and understanding, and makes a great theme party! The best part about this party are the 70's costumes.

    The more your guests get into the 1970's theme the more fun this party is! Be sure to ask your guests to dress up in 70's clothes and when decorating, don't forget the disco ball!

    Some great 70's music is:

  • Greatest Hits 1970
  • 70s: Gold...
  • The Seventies: Soft 70's Gold, Vol. 1
  • Forever Gold: 70's Decade
  • Take a look at our 1970s party page for more ideas.

    American Idol

    The American Idol theme is hot and all the teens are watching. This theme is not for the shy because it's important for the guests to be involved. You can choose the judges, the host and of course the talent.

    Having a karaoke machine is an important part of this party! You want everyone to feel like a star. 

    Themed party ideas are always a great idea and have so many fun party ideas that go with them. We have a lot of party themes and everything you need to make your party an amazing one. So if you don't see what you want, look at our party theme ideas page. And be sure to tell us about your party too!

    Need More games that match your party theme? Be sure to check out the teen party theme games at Party Games Plus.

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