by Danielle Martin
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

Tomorrow is beautiful.

A new day, a fresh start and an opening of future's. But some of us never get to make it to tomorrow. We may have plans of what we're going to do the next day, what we're going to accomplish.

As sad as it is, many of us never get to see the next day or the wonder's it brings. We may be brutally murdered or die peacefully in our sleep. Either way, we never made it to tomorrow.

That's why we have to live life to it's fullest while we are still awake, because, when we close our eyes, there is no guarantee we will ever open them again.

Never take anything on this Earth for granted because it can be snatched from your grasp, like taking candy from a baby. It leaves us upset and disappointed.

So when we go to bed tonight be sure to say your prayers. Give thanks for every living soul that has walked into your life and touched your heart because you never know if you'll see their smiling face again. Just like they don't know if they'll ever see yours again.

But even though we may never see tomorrow, the thought of it should not scare us. We must live each day like it may be our last. And it very well may be. You may be gone tomorrow or it could be me. The Lord above only knows.

And when we lay our heads down tonight we all should say, "Give me tomorrow, an I'll give you all I've got today."

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