Truly Divine

by Danielle Martin
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

We can all rise up against others and point out their flaws.

We can call them out in a group of people and say they are wrong and don't know what they're talking about.

But can we rise up against ourselves and admit to our own mistakes, our own flaws? We seldom do for the fear of embarrassment.

We all have hero's hidden deep beneath our surfaces that want to come out, that want to show the world what you can do.

We don't have to be one of the dark one's that call out others. For they are cowards.

Hero's are the one's that don't blame others for their mistakes, but rather, call out themselves and say that they are wrong.

Everyone on this Earth has the power to say "no" to their inner demon, eating them away inside.

It is up to the people whether to surrender to the demon or to fight against it.

We all have the power within us to fight such a thing, it's just a matter of choice, only true hero's decide to fight against it.

If I had to hold your hand for you to learn to be a hero and blame yourself and not others, I would do that for you.

No good ever came from being a coward and placing the blame on others. You only create more problems.

But if everyone on this good green Earth confessed to their wrongs we could turn the curse of a coward to the blessing of being a hero.

And that would be truly divine.

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