Truth Truth Lie

by Lee
(Mexico beach, Florida,USA)

I'm trying to plan a party for 30 pre-teens an I know what kind of games they would like. So I kept Thinking what should we play, and this game came to mind. I think I might have changed it a little from the original way but it's pretty fun.

What you need

1: if you have alot of kids maybe make two even groups.

2:Have everyone sit in a circle.

3: Balloons (enough so that everyone can have about 10-20).

4:Pin or needle

How to play (this is how I play, after I changed it a little)

You go around the circle starting with whoever is throwing the party.

Everyone will have a balloon and pin/needle except the party host.

They will say two true things about themselves or two true things they have done, and one lie.

After they say them, you will ask if they think it's # 1, as in the first thing you said, and if they think it's a lie they pop their balloon, then go on to #'s 2 & 3. In the end, whoever was right should get a prize, like candy or a gift card.

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