Valentine Party Ideas for Teens

Valentine party ideas for an amazing Valentine's day!

Teens love parties and Valentine's Day gives them another reason to celebrate with one. So, let's talk about Valentine party ideas that will insure a great time for all!

Valentine parties offer some great ideas for entertainment for teens. Ask them organize activities and to focus on creative party ideas that will include all the guests.

It's important for teens to be able to participate in all aspects of planning, so be sure to allow them to assist in the decisions.

What Valentine party ideas do you need to throw a great Valentine's party?

  • Party invitation ideas
  • Party food ideas
  • party decorating ideas
  • Party favors ideas
  • Valentine themed party ideas
  • Party game ideas

Okay, let's get started!


Invitations are the first thing that you need to think about. They really set the tone and theme of the party. If you or your teen are creative and artsy, you might think about designing your own. If not, no worries. Just pick something out that will fit your valentine party ideas and party style.

Some ideas:

  • Heart shaped invitations - I obvious! To make them a little different, instead of the traditional red and pink, choose colors that will go with your party decorations. Also, you can make the invitations over-sized, or even use overlapping designs.
  • Booklet invitations - try your hand at writing a top ten list or booklet as your invitation. The top ten reasons to fall in love, the top ten reasons to stay away from love, the top ten reasons why love is so get the idea.
  • Edible invitation - Get specialty candies or have the candy wrapper as the invitation. Just be sure the invitation can get to its destination safely.
  • Poem invitation - Can you write poetry? Write a poem that invites your guests to your party. If your really inspired, write it in french! (Don't forget to add the translation.) Remember, invitations should be fun and creative, so have fun with the process.

Valentine Party Food Ideas

Party food is a very important part of the valentine's Day party. As we know, teens like to eat! For Valentine parties, creativity is the key!

We like to have various Valentine's candies around the room from Old Time Candy. There is a great selection of all the types of candy you ate as a kid® You'll find hundreds of candies from which to choose. Like candy hearts, candy necklaces, heart shaped chocolates, red hots and it's fun to get Personalized MY M&M'S® too!.

Appetizers - we like spicy popcorn, mini heart shaped pizzas and fruit salad with extra watermelon and blueberries.

Dinner - we set up a buffet with sub sandwiches, chili, spicy meatballs, lettuce and tomato salad, and garlic bread.

Dessert - big heart shaped cookie, chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting, heart shaped cake, sugar cookies with hearts, chocolate covered cherries, heart shaped chocolates and creme puffs.

In order to make clean up easy, you will want plates, napkins, cups etc. We like to get our supplies at they offer free Shipping on orders $75 or more. They have great customer service and products for every occasion. Great prices too!

If they don't have what you want, We also shop at With over 10,000 costumes and great decorations - why shop anywhere else?

Don't forget to see the great valentines party supplies we found!

Party Decorations

Valentine's Day Costumes and Party Supplies really make a difference in having a party. Some Valentine party ideas we love for decorating are streamers, balloons, themed colors, candles and accents.

Traditionally, symbolic colors of Valentine's Day are red, pink and white. You may decide to make these colors the theme of your party and accent with others. Colors can set the mood of the party, and having decorations planned with candles, streamers, and heart-shaped balloons in these colors sets a festive mood.

Party Favors

Party favors are always an option but depending on the age of the teens, they may not be necessary. Some ideas for party favors are:

Valentine Party Games

When thinking about Valentine party ideas, remember, Valentine's parties should have themed party games as well. We have a few that are really fun to play.

  • Valentine trivia games - we like chick flick trivia or famous couples trivia.
  • Spin the bottle - if you want to take a chance for blooming love.
  • Truth or dare - focus on things associated with Valentines day.
  • Name your crush - everyone makes a list of stars they have a crush on. Have clues to give so the others can take turns guessing based on the clues given.
  • Mad Libs - simple and always fun.

    * Murder Mystery Valentine Game - No game is as much fun as a murder mystery! 

  • Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Party Kit

    The games should be something everyone will enjoy, so if your not sure, ask the guests, I would bet you will get some great ideas from them as well. Would you like to add your ideas to this site? We'd love to hear from you!

    February 14th, Valentine's Day, represents a day to reflect on love, friendship, and romance. So why not have a party to celebrate? Remember, it's all in the planning, so when you want an easy way to get all your party supplies we shop on-line at

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    Don't forget to see the great valentines party supplies we found.

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