Winter's Chill

by Danielle Martin
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

My heart is an icy block, one that is lodged deep in the burrows of my chest, one that has harden over years of growing. Only to be brought up, then harshly let down by false hope.

Each time that happens , a little of my hearts flame begins to douse, until it becomes what it is now. That's how I know winter's chill has set in.

The tears that flow down my cheeks don't come anymore. They stay as frozen little pricks behind my eyes not coming or going. Just frozen little water droplets behind the green eyes once bright and laughing, now cold and hard.

Winter's chill has set in.

I watch my back, not trusting anyone or anything for if my heart gets any colder, it will most likely shatter.

Don't touch me, don't come near me, don't tell me everything's alright. Soothing comfort doesn't faze me anymore it's just a bunch of lies they put together, to trick me, and for the longest time... I believed them.

Winter's chill has set in.

My friends told me to be strong and that nothing was wrong. How can nothing be wrong? My heart wouldn't be an ice cube where a warm one should belong. And the facade I have done so well to hold up, is coming down, because I want them to see what they have made me become. It's not a caring human, but a hard frozen Ice Queen.

Even my summer has a permanent frost.

I will never be the same. A little piece of kindness flies away each day, even if I wanted to stop it I couldn't. It's just my heart saying you're breaking, and the only way to fix it is by becoming a block.

Because it was a mistake you ever wronged me.
Winter's chill is permanent.

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