You Left Me Here to Drown in My Own Misery, I Hate You.

by Alexis
(Gunnison, CO, USA)

Save me, save me please I beg you
Keep me from disappearing because I'm slowly fading away,
dying from this pain

It's killing me, eating me alive
somebody anybody come save me
from this miserable overwhelming
feeling of hatred and loneliness

Hatred towards myself for letting this happen,
loneliness because you broke my heart and put
the pieces on a shelf and walked away as if
you had nothing to do with the cold blooded
murder of my love for you

Now the ghost of your presence haunts me at night
slowly eating away at my soul, searching, hunting
for any sign of happiness so it can rip it away
from me like its some kind of sick twisted joke.

I lay here and wonder why this is happening to me,
save me, somebody, save me please...

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